Collagen Eye Masks

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I had bought a couple of different eye masks off eBay to test as I was starting to get tired looking eyes. They would usually feel dry and itchy in the morning and needed moisture added back.

It came in resealable packets!

This brand was new to me as I haven’t tried them before; I normally use the jelly looking collagen eye masks. These were cotton pads soaked in the formula and you would need to remove two each time from the sealed packet. This was a rather fiddly process and hard to place any spare sheets back into the packet.

After applying them under my eyes I felt a refreshed feeling which then turned into a taut sensation. I felt that the skin under my eye was being pulled back into place and not sag. There is no noticeable whitening effect to the dark circles instantly and this may take a few more masks before it takes effect. My skin felt moisturised but I would apply my Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream to give it more moisture and help with its anti-aging effects.

Sorry for the scary face

The masks come in packets of 30 sheets, equaling 30 pairs and should be used twice a week.

Do you like using skin care? How do you look after your skin?

-Keki xoxo

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