Tae Kwon Do

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So I was taken to try out a new sport TKD at a local university. The class ended up being free for me since the receptionist failed to ID me. *shrug*

The teacher was really nice and praised me a lot for trying and doing a good job. I couldn’t even kick properly and my friend had to correct my stance a lot. I kept “kicking like in football” which meant I used my ankles a lot but should had lift my knee up and kicked with my insteps. After actually being told the correct way I didn’t hurt my toes so much and I was able go apply force when I was kicking the pads. :)

Since there was a range of levels who were in the class it was hard for the tutor to teach us all and this we all did a little bit of stance and movement work and then the higher levels sis sparring while the newbies (that’s me) learnt kicks.

I found the lesson rather fun and would like to continue them but I’m scared about grading already Lol. We shall see how this goes!

I’m trying to be more active now that I’ve moved out and have evenings to myself. What do you think I should try out?

-Keki xxx

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