Liese Bubble Foam Hair Dye Review

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I’ve heard a lot of friends and beauty bloggers raving about this Japanese hair dye product, Liese, that foams in your hand and wanted to try it out for a long time. I finally got the chance when I was visiting Hong Kong in March.


I purchased Liese in Cassie Berry, a plum reddish colour, from Watsons who were having a promotion on the product at the time. The Liese hair dye range covers hair colours from blonde, red and black. All their colours are very wearable and the packaging shows the outcome according to your hair colour. Surprisingly the outcome was very close to the photo because I have jet black hair and usually the colour shown in the photo doesn’t match. However my hair colour is more noticeable under light.


The product was very very easy to use as the instructions were in English as well as Chinese and Japanese. So anyone would be able to understand them.


The chemicals had to be mixed together to form the foam base product. You should not over mix it or frantically shake the bottle like other hair dyes as the product will foam in the bottle and will be hard to dispense.


I was surprised to hear that I was able to use this product on dry hair, so I ended up watching TV in my hotel room which is really nice as the hair dye process can take up to an hour.


The bubbles don’t easily lather in your dry hair so I found you need to pump a lot if the solution and massage it on your scalp for it to properly lather like shampoo. The product doesn’t run and I found my hair mouldable, I had a lot of fun with this as your can see from the photo below.


I would really recommended this product if you’re not experienced with dying your hair as it is really simple and quick to do. It is also ideal for ladies in a rush! You just mix, pump and massage until your whole hair is covered with bubbles! Then you wait for an hour till the colour sets and just rinse with water,  shampoo and the conditioner provided. It’s so simple!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

With Love,

Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Wow, this looks really convenient! I really hate dealing with dyes and wet hair, and I get paranoid it’s going to drip all over the place, The last time (also my first time too) I colored my hair, it almost stained my sink, I had to scrub a lot ._. But this looks so easy, I need to try it! :O

    Thanks for your advise with juggling gaming @.@ Games are too much fun :O And when I play on the NA LoL servers, people speak mostly English, but there are some people that speak Spanish (I haven’t really encountered many other languages), but the new pinging system is really convenient! :D
    Jessica recently posted…The Little ThingsMy Profile

    • Yeah I know what you mean! Every time I dyed my hair I would always ask someone for help. Just so it doesn’t run everywhere and stain the floor. This solves all those problems!

      You’re welcome for the advice. Sorry that my comment was so long…
      Yes the new pinging system has everything! However I still find people getting used to it and would not notice the new pings. Ah well. Most people speak German or French on my servers but everyone knows English :)

  • I have always been scared to dye my hair ;o; this makes it a bit more less scary!!! Looks really fun actually XD!!!

    • It was a lot of fun to use actually! So easy too and not messy at all! Although if you have long hair like me I would suggest to use a towel or bag over the shoulders.