She moved to the country “down under”…

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So my friend, who I’ve known for over 10 years, decided she wanted to immigrate to Australia, the land “Down Under”, and live with her boyfriend as well as the kagaroos and koala bears. Its such a long haul flight of 24 hours with a 2 hour stop in Dubai, it’s absolutely ridiculous! I thought Hong Kong was a long enough flight! I would really love to visit her but I would need to save up and wait till she settles in her new home and has a place for me to stay.

She has already planned this since last year and has even had a long holiday including an internship at a designer PJ company. It was so exciting listening to her stories :) She arrives tomorrow and I’ll miss her very very much. I will have to resort to using Skype or Facebook to keep in contact. Boo~ she is the second friend whom is dear to me to be going to live overseas; it makes me wanna go too…

To say our goodbyes and farewells, I organised a girlie day out filled with good food and shopping in London. Our original option was Brighton but the rail works were operating that day so London it was!
I took her firstly to Marco Pierre in Sloane Square for a 2-course steak lunch with champagne cocktail. It was delicious and she loved it! I would totally recommend this restaurant but please be warned about it’s price; I was lucky enough to have a Groupon voucher at the time.

Afterwards we took a gander around the shops at Oxford Circus and Piccadilly. We didn’t find anything we liked but had tried on so many outfits we would never have bought or be seen wearing! It was very funny. Ended up waltzing into Primark since we felt like we wanted to buy something but didn’t want to part with too much money. Tee hee.
Wish you a very safe flight Eva! <3


Do you have a friend or family who has moved abroad that you miss very much?

With Love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Wow, that’s quite a move for your friend, pretty much across the world. For me, I was one of the only ones in my high school friend group that moved away to go to college, so it was hard for people to keep in touch with me. And then after college, all of my friends scattered to the four corners of the US. I’m still in the Northeast, but I have friends on the West Coast, in the Midwest, on the Atlantic Coast, and in the South… we try to keep in contact best we can via emails and Facebook, but I agree it’s not the same :(

  • Aw, but it’s good that you got to spend a day with her before she left! I haven’t really had anyone who moved far away after college (we all live in the same region near NYC, so we just meet there), but I’m actually going to be that friend that moves far away, to the other side of the US. I thought the distance between the East and West Coast was going to be far, but England to Australia is a totally different story! Thank goodness for Facebook and Skype, or else it’ll be long distance phone calls across many time zones and postal mail. I hope you two stay in touch! And I need to plan one of these days with my friends, thanks for the inspiration!
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  • awe, so sweet that you had a nice time before she left, but also sad that she has to leave. Thanks for the comment on my site =) My mom is doing a lot better, and my sister is still being a brat, there is a time where you need to grow up, even though she is only eight teen, she should be mature and not so self centered,

  • Sue

    It looks like you and your friend have a lot of memories and pictures together to look back on. It’s always hard to see a friend go or to leave your friends because you’re moving away. It’s part of life though. It’s hard to stay in touch with your far away friends, though it’s possible, especially with the technology we have today. Right now though, I’m staying in the same city for a while. One of my friends studied abroad in Versailles, but she’s coming back this May, which is this month, so I’m excited.

  • Kay

    Girl, you and your blog is too cute. Would you mind exchanging links with me?