Raw Oysters at Wright Brothers London Review

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My friend took me to eat raw oysters for the first time. I’ve always wondered what it would taste like since I’ve only seen people eat it on TV.

I’ve never really been a fan of cooked oysters due to its odd sea water taste, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t enjoy raw ones.

Our platter of oysters

There were three of us eating oysters that day and thus we ordered two different types that came in portions of 3. It came on a big platter filled with ice to keep the oysters cold, a lemon and some chilli sauce.
Salmon Starters

I was told to release the oyster from its cushion first which I found rather hard with the mini forks given. It took a while for me to wriggle the meat out of its shell. We then squeezed some lemon on each of our oysters and pours a little bit of juice on top.
Prawn starters

Then in one swift movement “drank” the oyster and all the juices down the hatch and swallowed it whole. It was really odd as the salty taste was cancelled by the lemon and the chilli kicked in after. I repeated the process again but my friend suggested to chew on the oyster to get the full flavour, but I would not suggest this as it releases the full flavour of the sea in your mouth… You don’t want that.
Calamari Mains

The ambience of the restaurant was really nice but the service was slow. It took us over half an hour to order food because the waiters seemed to ignore us. Even the two leagues who sat down after us managed to order, eat and leave before we even ordered… Shocking!
My mussels as a main

Anyway the raw oysters would not fill you up unless you eat a lot, plus the cost can add up. Ours wasn’t so bad as it totalled to about £20 for 6 oysters. Still a lot though! We each ordered mains to feel more satisfied but only one of my friends was disappointed with her meal due to its miniature size. There was only four parcels in her tortelli and did not look like a size of a main meal at all so she had to order an portion of frites as extra afterwards.
Totelli Mains

The cost of the meal was under £20 which was reasonable but I don’t think I would visit again as the food portions weren’t great. The service was a bit lacking and I didn’t feel very well the next day (I had either caught food poisoning or a stomach bug).
Fish Pie Mains

We ended up eating dessert afterwards in SoHo which actually made me feel bloated afterwards.
Yummy mango pancake roll

Much love, Keki xoxo

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  • I’ve never had raw oysters before, and I dunno if I could ever try. I get a little paranoid with raw meats, and I’m sorry to hear you didn’t feel well the day after. But those deserts look so delicious! Is SoHo the name of the restaurant or the area? There’s a SoHo in NYC so I was a bit confused.

    And I play League of Legends too! But I suck at it, so I only play with my friends sometimes. Are you EUW? I’ve always wondered, do most of the people use English to communicate or just use pings and abbreviations?
    Jessica recently posted…The Little ThingsMy Profile