Teamsport Go Karting in London

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Go-Kart race track
The Go-Kart race track

On the evening of Thursday 4th April, a group of young people went all the way to Bermondsey to get their suit, helmet and gloves on for a race of a lifetime.

Well, it was a corporate event which was organised by the Fun Committee at work (I joined the committee!) so we all went go karting at TeamsSport UK in Bermondsey to bond and “relax” after a long day’s work.
After signing your life away up, you are kitted into these racing jumpsuits that can get rather uncomfortable because they just-about fitted us.

Girlies all kitted up
Girlies all kitted up!

We watched a briefing DVD so we knew what all the lights meant and how not to get black flagged (penalized or disqualified) and were then split into groups ready to race.

Having fun spectating
Us having fun spectating

There was also unlimited pizza which we all took advantage of (unfortunately we were all very hungry monsters so I didn’t get to take a photo of all the glorious pizzas we ate last night).

The event was split into three 8 minute sessions:

  • Trial – This is a training session for you to get used to the go-kart and the track
  • Pre-Qualify – This session was to determine your location in the grid for the final race based on your best lap
  • The Race – This is the final and proper race, over-take everyone and aim to be first! In this session the position determines the winner of the race.
Victory Podium
The winners on the podium
The winners from Group 1 on the Podium
The winners from Group 1 on the Podium

I found the indoor track to be very slippery and that my kart would slip and slide (drift even) and suddenly hit the sides of track. I kept bumping on the sides or into people so much that I was called into the pit and was told-off… After that incident I started to learn to slow down at corners and handled the steering a little better than before. The steering was very stiff and my arms hurt after one race.

All-in-all it was a wonderful and joyful evening. We all had a great laugh and filled up on yummy pizza. So we will plan to hold another one soon since there was a few employees that couldn’t make it :sad: I would really recommend people to come racing here! It’s the UK’s No.1 indoor-karting company and they have very strict procedures and marshals so you’re in very safe hands.

The whole team
The whole team

Some other details
It costs £65 per person to hold a racing event on weekdays; this package includes free unlimited pizza throughout your racing session.
If you’re looking to race with friends or to hold a party, they do half price race nights during the weekend for £25.

-Keki xoxo

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