7 Ways to Get Free Internet

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As you may know from my previous post, I am currently living without internet and will continue to do so as long as I am living in London; until I find some place to move to or decide to jet off to Hong Kong…

Wifi Sticker
Free Wifi Sticker

So I have found a few tips on getting free internet during my stay in the capital. Here is my list of 7 ways to get free internet:

  1. Visit a friend’s house for an online gaming session: If they are a good friend they wouldn’t mind you coming over and leeching their internet for an afternoon or evening. I’ve been hopping to my friends’ houses to play League of Legends with them and update apps on my phone while I’m at it hehehe.
  2. Use the internet while at work: You can use the work internet freely during your lunch break or after work hours as long as it it allowed. Don’t forget to use the incognito browser if you don’t want the IT department to know your browsing and search history! If you’re able to get hold of the wireless password then you can also connect via a phone or iPad.
  3. Browse the internet while you’re at the station: Many underground stations in London are now WiFi enabled, check here for information on what stations are equipped with free WiFi courtesy of Virgin Media.
  4. Go to your local library All libraries have computers connected to the internet that they offer library members. Just register for a card and ask the librarian their protocol for using the free internet.
  5. Invest in a cashback mobile contract: Many phone contracts have cashback deals where a large sum of money in the form of a cheque is returned back to you after a few months time; this is only if you send off your invoice within the time period given. Some of these cashback contracts render the phone contract free and therefore you will receive a free phone, contract and free mobile internet. Feel free to Skype to your heart’s content!
  6. Find an internet connection available near you: Some people tether their mobile phones which others can connect to. There are also some people who forget to save a password on their wireless internet which you may be able to use if you are able to connect to it.
  7. Go grab a coffee or a small snack: There are many cafes and also Mc Donalds restaurants that provide patrons with free WiFi; this may sometimes be limited by 20 minutes or by creating a free account. This also includes various bars. Look out for the WiFi sticker on their window or door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that it may help you, should you be visiting the city or are without internet access at home like me.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment!

-Keki xoxo

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  • I remember the days when I had no internet for a while during high school. Back then we didn’t have wifi and wasn’t so easy to get access to free internet anywhere. The school’s internet was super restricted and can hardly go on any website. It was a living hell those few weeks! I was already super addicted and dependant on the internet since I was 12.

    There’s no way I can live without the internet now. Maybe for a few day. I play too much games and watch too many TV shows off the internet.

    Weren’t you looking to move from your current place?
    Krystal recently posted…Monthly Goals: April 2013My Profile

    • Well I had been dependent on the internet at home but then u had a few weeks were I just went internet free for different reasons :) I didn’t find it too hard and found that you’re able to do a lot more when you don’t have the distractions of game, YouTube and Skype.

      When I was in school or uni I was always restricted but us kids always found ways around the firewall hehehe. However WiFi had only been widely available in the last two years.

      Well the place I have now is cheap and my housemates are really nice. I’m looking for ventures in Hong Kong as well so I don’t want to tie myself down and want to be flexible.