Addicted to Candy Crush

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The annoyance on almost completing a Candy Crush level

I think many of you have heard of the game Candy Crush by King that is very popular on Facebook and is played by many on their phone via the app. When I was on holiday to Hong Kong I had noticed a lot of commuters were playing it on their phones on the tube… Its not the same in London people usually read the paper or browse their social media instead…

I’m constantly on my phone playing Candy Crush (and now Tekken Card Game too) when I have the time and before I sleep. Its a really bad addiction because its starting to affect my work pattern. I’d get to a point that I want to play it sneakily at my desk… It calls me to play! D:

I think the addiction came when I introduced it to friends who weren’t currently playing, because I needed hearts sent via Facebook; you’re limited by lives to play that take 20 minutes to regenerate. These friends became competitive and addicted instantly plus overtook my position on the map very quickly… This made me frustrated when I get stuck on a certain level because I want to catch up to everyone else! I’ve been stuck on level 147 for a month and was so annoyed when a friend whatsapp’s our group chat to tell you they’ve passed it on third try… So lucky!

Only two friends of mine have managed to raced it to the top of the map and are waiting for updates but there are way over 200 levels to complete I think we will soon grown old and tired of this game and find a new one to play. However I will aim to complete it! BRING IT!

Are you addicted to Facebook games or any apps?

With love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Games are so much fun and addicting when friends play with you. The competition! My friends and I were really into that restaurant city game on FB and it was pretty bad cause we were all addicted and competing during our college finals week @.@ Haha, if you sneak a game in at work, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad, right? D: But playing when commuting is really cool, I usually just stare out the window ~.~
    Jessica recently posted…Dreaming of not being a DaydreamerMy Profile

    • I agree! I love a bit of competition, it gives you that extra push to complete levels :)

      Omg I played RC everyday last year too, until I had exams and the obsession got a little out of hand… I even added random strangers to receive ingredients Lol!

      Well I try not to get caught when I game at work or just play at lunchtime :) Yeah I like to avoid eye contact when travelling. People get weird if you watch them haha

  • Kay

    I’ve been told that game is super fun! I haven’t tried it yet though.

    • You should try it! Warning: it may cause rage…

  • Gen

    I’m nearly on 200! :) And I haven’t seen you play tekken recently. I think I’m the only one that still plays it :(

  • I was really addicted to Pretty Pet Salon a very long time ago.

    I have played Candy Crush but I’m super stuck on a stage so sort of gave up xD!

    Naughty Amy…wanting to play under the table at work!
    Krystal recently posted…Money saving tipsMy Profile

    • I haven’t played many Facebook games in ages!
      Nuuuu persistence will help yoooooooou!

      hahahaha Well I play at lunchtime now so it’s okay :)