Face lifting Face Masks

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When I was on holiday I stocked up on some face masks. These particular ones were Sasatinne branded from the beauty store SaSa.

Sasatinne Face Masks

They are different to the ones you normally get in England as they are a thin sheet with handles for the ears. Not only do they have handles to hold the facial mask upright but it also has a second set that helps lift up the chin.

The face mask out of its packaging

The mask states that they help firm the skin and lift it back up. I also bought the version that helps with acne and blemishes.

I look like a ghost wearing the mask

When applied, it feels very cool and refreshing. Although the mask pulls on my ears it doesn’t feel to uncomfortable.

Easy to hook, ear handles

After application I rub and excess residue on my skin and it makes my skin feel smoother. Then I’ll head to sleep and wake up the next morning with super soft hydrated skin!

Cool hooks for the ears to lift up the chin area

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Do you use face masks too? Would you try this particular one?

With love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Never tried one but I do want to!! I have done strips for my nose/black heads though!!! XD
    Mija recently posted…Obsession with nail polishMy Profile

  • Wow, those ear handles are ingenious! I use the My Beauty Diary ones, and I just tip my head and hope the mask stays on, but after a while, the sides start lifting off :( Do you feel your skin is getting firmer?
    Jessica recently posted…Weighing in on Some Hefty IssuesMy Profile

  • aww thanks! i had a lovely party!
    ive never used a face mask! i properly should tho LOL i am always worried they might irrirtate my skin as its quite sensitive!

    • I have sensitive skin too but these masks are gentle and I don’t feel any burning when I apply it :) I think you need ones that say are for sensitive skin or have gentle ingredients such as avocado, honey or milk. I would always suggest doing a test patch before using new skincare.

  • would you like to be affiliates?

    • Of course I would be interested! I shall add your link now :)

  • OMG, I love face masks! The one you bought is very famous in Asia… unluckily, we don’t have any cheap and good masks here in Switzerland -___-
    mihoshappylife recently posted…Fashion Coordinate #FloralMy Profile

    • They are so good and much better than the mud masks they sell over in the UK! The face mask sheet version is so expensive! Maybe you need to go on holiday or import them :)

      Oh wow! I didn’t know! I thought I’d try it out because it was similar to another one my aunt gave me on my birthday but this one had the chin hooks too.

  • I have added your link too :) x