My Annoyances When Living in London

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I’ve been living in the capital for over half a year now and have found many little things that has started to bug me and make me mutter under my breath.
These mostly occurring when I’m travelling in public transport:

  • London commuters walking into me and then give me a stern look to say “why the f**k are you in my way woman?!” As if I deliberately walked in their line of path to stop them from getting to work… Ugh, they need to look at where they’re looking and also apologise to me!
  • Massive crowds at the station at peak hours in office concentrated areas. I feel suffocated when I wait for the train.
  • Delays on trains when I’m in a hurry. If it were a matter of life or death I’d be doomed.
  • People not being friendly. No one in London says please and thank you. What we were taught in school seemed to have been left in the classroom… If someone (stranger) is friendly to me, mostly applies to guys, my housemate says it’s because they want to get into my panties… Scary.
  • Bus drivers not stopping for you or closes the door on you because you were one step too late. Buses should also have signs notifying if they’re full, meaning it won’t be stopping at the bus stop.
  • People late in catching the bus who start waving for the driver to wait up and open the door are all friendly and nice at first, but if the driver doesn’t and drives off they go foul instantly; cursing and making gestures as the bus drives off. Just wait for the next one dammit.
  • Commuters who complain about waiting for 5 minutes for public transport. I’ve waiting for 1 hour for a train before. Try living in the countryside where public transport is scarce and learn to be patient!
  • Londoners who spit in the street… Just eww.
  • Travellers who stand in front of the train door but don’t press the button to open it. Instead someone else behind has to…
  • Long queues when trying to top up my oyster card. Some people just don’t understand the machines for some reason and end up pressing buttons all day… They need a member of staff on duty to help customers.

Sorry for all the ranting but it’s becoming out of hand a little and I just need somewhere to express myself and let off some steam.

The city is so different to my lil village. I feel kinda lost and am not at ease… Booooo~ There are some nice perks but its not really beneficial to me personally. I think I’m too used to the friendly atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone and crime is to a minimum.

Over and out,
Keki xoxo

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  • Totally agree with all of them but have one more to add to that.

    None Londoners or foreigners walking super slow during rush hour. I have limited time to get from the tube to the overground train platform. I’ve learnt to move around people and walk really fast between platforms. There are always always a few people around that’s not use to the rush so they walk super slow, slowing down everyone behind them. Think we need a fast and slow lane!

    Sometimes, people stop to check their map in the middle of the station! Everyone has to swirl around them, causing so much traffic. We need signs “Do not stop in the middle of the station, please use the sides”

    I have to take the tube for 3 stops…its the worst 15mins of my journey. Especially as there’s no aircon on the northern line!
    Krystal recently posted…Cute hedgehog bunMy Profile

    • Hahaha! That’s so funny yet so true! Trains really don’t wait for you so its annoying when you have to wait for the next one.

      I’ve learnt to weave in and out of crowds now and walk fast with my little legs. Power walking ftw!

      I just get annoyed with the slow walkers who carry large luggage in the form or a suitcase or backpack. Its hard to move around them when they fake up half the platform T.T

  • Robert

    Bless! Ya will used to it little one! I’ve been stuck here for years now. Life in smaller towns and cities is definitely better than London life to be honest though.

    • Thank you Robert. I’ll hopefully get used to the big world.

  • LOL that sounds EXACTLY like NYC!! hahahhaa
    but i agree, those things can be extremely frustrating. i know i get pretty annoyed when you are running for the bus and you pretty much make eye contact with the driver….but he drives away anyway -_-

    • LOL Really? I will have to visit to make a comparison!

  • Oh spitters??? Whhhhhy T-T??~!! Such a bad habit!

    I can see how these can be annoying for you – especially commuters. They sound rude and slow ><!
    Mija recently posted…Tomo is 6My Profile

    • I swear I notice phlegm on the streets here and there, it’s not appealing. I don’t know why people don’t use tissue!
      I think all commuters are in a hurry plus it’s either you want to get to work on time in the morning or hurry home in the evening so people are more stressed.

  • I’ve never been to London so I’ll remember about pushing buttons to open train doors hehehe! I can totally understand your frustrations, coming from a calmer atmosphere to a hustle and bustle city would be difficult. I’m from Melbourne and where pretty much always on the run and in a hurry so traveling to slower paced countries can be difficult to get used to – though not NYC, it’s much like Melbourne!

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  • Cat

    I didn’t know it was like that in London! Though like Alex said, it sounds like NYC too. I wonder if that just happens in big cities. There’s just so many people and so many of them are in a hurry. That sounds annoying to deal with every day though!
    Cat recently posted…Cute things latelyMy Profile