Organising a Dubai Themed Party

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I recently joined the fun committee where our group plans fun corporate events for the whole office. This month we’ve decided to organise a party to celebrate a new office opening in Dubai. We decided to order a large selection of European food from local restaurants, hold a quiz related to the city and have a video based on Dubai showing in the background while we eat.

It was fun to plan and organise. We split the tasks between the four of us and each helped draw up questions, order food and choose which videos to show. However there were some alight alterations before the big day and some colleagues weren’t able to come. However I managed to salvage the numbers and create enough teams for the quiz to generate some competition (shame I couldn’t partake! Would have loved some Amazon vouchers.)


It was a really fun filled evening, everyone enjoyed themselves even though some of the answers given to me on my quiz slideshow were technically out of date and so were considered invalid. I managed to pick it back up though and entertain everyone as the quizmaster.

It was a very tight competition as the winners won by one point. There was also a bonus round where the points won were to be used as a tiebreaker so one team was saddened that their bonus points could not be used, as it would have won them the victory.

We're all nomming happily

After the the quiz we ate delicious European food from the local Turkish and Lebanese restaurant. A lot was left over due to the fact many people had go leave early. So more for me! I managed to eat it for dinner, lunch the next day and dinner also! Yum yum!

On another note, MCM Expo is a week away. I’m really excited to participate and am ready to greet the crowd in my unicorn onesie. If you see me there come say hi (I’ll be at store AP8 Near the N8 entrance)!

With Love,
Keki xoxo

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  • oh wow. I wonder how a Dubai themed party looks like :O hoping to see some of your shots in your next post! :D
    Lmyx recently posted…DIY: How To Make Icing SugarMy Profile

    • The shots didn’t load up on my post :(

      We also didn’t manage to rake many since I was busy directing the quiz and then scoffing my face with food hahaha. Will put some up now :)

  • Cat

    Aah, so that’s what a Dubai themed party is! Those are fun ideas, and I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves :) Getting to take home the food is a nice plus too!

    Have fun at MCM Expo next week!
    Cat recently posted…Cute things latelyMy Profile

    • Who wouldn’t like free food?! :D Especially delicious ones.