We attempted to bake macarons

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My friend and I love macarons. The first time I had them was when one of my friends bought me a pack from Ladureé in Harrods. They were sweet and delicious little treats that don’t last very long once you start nomming on them… My friend on the other hand had the privilege of tasting some macarons in Paris where they originate from.

We tried to follow a very detailed recipe, it even had photos and a YouTube video depicting how the whole baking process should be done. Even with us trying to follow the recipe to the word we ended up failing…

However, it was a very fun evening filled with laughter and we baked a Victoria sponge cake to cheer ourselves up. Surprisingly our friends and us tried the macaron that looked like mini puddles but found that they tastes good! They had the almond taste and sweet vanilla flavour that are expected from a macaron; we were pleased with our efforts and will attempt it again in the future!

With love, Keki xoxo

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  • Dee

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ahhhh those pics of our failure! lol but you’re right one day we will prevail!

    • Hahahaha! YES WE SHALL!!! I’ve almost got the shape!

  • Kay

    I added your link!

    • <3 Thank You!

  • Cool! I love macaroons too!
    I first tasted macaroons in Tous Les Jours :) Heehee~
    Xian recently posted…I do it ALONE (●´∀`●)My Profile

  • Never tried macarons before but they look interesting to say the least. I’m willing to try them. I’m glad you had a good time regardless :D
    Michelle recently posted…Closer To The MoonMy Profile

    • They are hard to make! Need a lot of time, effort and patience but they taste amazing!

  • I’ve never baked anything before other than cookies and they got burnt XD my mom was trying to help me but I didn’t let her help.. I should have listened. I’ve never tasted macarons before either.
    mayra recently posted…About Me TagMy Profile

    • Cookies are yum! Although I can’t seem to make them right… They always turn out like biscuits hahaha.
      Well practice makes perfect and I’m sure your mum would be happy when you perfect the recipe and not burn it later Lol. Jia You!
      You should try macarons! They can be pricey though…

  • hi amy! :D what a coincidence ! my first Macaron attempt was a day before yours and you can read the undetailed post here -> http://myxilog.blogspot.com/2013/05/french-macarons-first-trial.html, I guess you overmixed the whole thing that’s why it was so flat. Try Eugenie’s macaron recipe (which I used). I’ve watched Ann Reardon’s vids about macarons and troubleshoots too (many times), but I guess, its more of a pro style of baking. One that I’ve made was so easy! But some of mine doesn’t have feet, perhaps I turned the oven too cool. I hope this will help :)
    Lmyx recently posted…Versatile Blogger AwardMy Profile

  • Liz

    On the cookie sheet in the oven, I see runny batter. The problem is in the egg whites. You have to beat them until they are frothy. They also have to be in the refrigerator for a bit. And no bit of egg yolk is allowed in there. When you pipe it out in circles onto the cookie sheet, it should feel like you’re piping out icing. Try making meringue cookies a few times; it’ll give you practice in making the macarons since the idea is kinda the same.

    I used Anna’s recipe. ‘Twas easy to follow.


    Also, don’t mix in a plastic bowl if you did, because it won’t turn out right. ;)
    Liz recently posted…Putting my time where my happy isMy Profile

  • Glad you had a great time making macarons, make sure you watch the FAQ video on the next page of the recipe. They are definitely over-mixed if they are that runny. But don’t worry most people fail a couple of times before they turn out a good macaron. You’ll get there :)

    • Awww thank you Ann!
      We shall definitely try again! I’ve attempted it a second time and think I’ve still over mixed it but they weren’t as runny and I was able to pipe them as individuals :)