Bowling at All Star Lanes

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Sexy bowling shoes
Sexy bowling shoes

The fun committee decided to organise an evening with dinner and bowling at All Star Lanes in Brick Lane.

All of us bowling
All of us! Was fun!

Bowling has always been fun for me, I would always throw a fluke strike and do stupid bowls every now and then. However it wasn’t the same case this time. Out of 16 people, I came last *sad face*. I kept getting gutter balls and not even able to throw a spare. The lanes seemed shorter and smaller than normal but I wasn’t sure if it were true or it was just the lighting… Finding the right bowling ball was hard too because there isn’t enough different balls on every caddy. There also wasn’t any spare racks, so you would have to take them from other lanes.

Nevertheless, I had fun and so did everyone else who attended. We had three teams:

  • Toxic Pirates

    Skull Ninjas Team
    Skull Ninjas Team
  • Mighty Vikings

    Toxic Pirates Team
    Toxic Pirates Team (sorry for the blurry photo)
  • Skull Ninjas

    Mighty Vikings Team
    Mighty Vikings Team

(Cos I make up awesome team names!)

Of course if you play many MMOs you would know ninjas trumps all. I was in the Toxic Pirates who came second despite me scoring a measly 39 points (terrible but my excuse was that I took the fall of having last place hahaha). Then it was the Mighty Vikings at third place.

Bowling Medal
The medal people won!

I did enjoy our evening but the venue is smaller than your average bowling alley, but the American diner area is huge. Plenty of space for big parties and large groups.

All Star Lanes
The bowling alley

The menu is fully American diner type food such as Southern Fried Chicken, steak, burgers with chips and ribs. I had the ribs and they were nice but can be too barbeque-y if you don’t like a lot of the sauce. The half rack of ribs didn’t come was any chips so I was glad I ordered some croquettes to accompany my order. The Mac and cheese croquettes were really nice and if you’re a fan of melted cheese then you should try it!

People who stayed for dinner
Half of the people who stayed for dinner :)
Hungry for our food!
The other half of us!
Veggie Burger
Yummy Veggie Burger
Fried Chicken with Chips
Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips
Steaaaak! Plus Conney’s hands in the way…
Ribs in Barbecue sauce and Mac and Cheese Croquettes
My Ribs in Barbecue sauce and Mac and Cheese Croquettes
Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake.
Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake. YUM!

When was the last time you went bowling?

With love,

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  • Kay

    Cute photos! I haven’t gone bowling in around a year.

  • ice

    Hai Amy, sure we can do exchange link. i’ve puy your link ;) check it please.

  • I just went bowling not too long ago, 2 weeks ago :3 it was fun and the best part was the ladies get to bowl free that night!

    • Oh wow! That’s so good! I want to go bowling for free!