Kaichi Fieldwork 2013: Japanese students visit the Uk

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A few months ago, I received an email from my friend asking if I was interested in joining this this program organised by a teacher in Japan where students in high school will visit the UK as a school trip to learn the culture and better their English (why did I not get to go on amazing trips like these?!) I was really excited about the opportunity to meet new people and to be able to connect to the far east. It would also mean my TEFL experience would come in handy; I immediately applied to the programming to become a group leader and take the students around Southern England.

I received an email notifying I was a successful candidate and would be a leader of 6-7 children in Group A. Yay!

I embarked on a 5 day journey around London with my Japanese school kids, here are our highlights!























I miss my students already! I would like to go to Japan to visit them!

I managed to meet a lot of friends who I still keep in touch with and plan on meeting up with them.

I can’t wait to do it again next year!

What have you guys been doing during mini trip?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • What na amazing experience :)

    I’m already following you on BL.
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Polka dots loveMy Profile

  • Wooow, that is really awesome and wonderful experience! The photos you took are also beautiful! :)

    What is Daifugo exactly ? :)
    Melissa recently posted…Long lost postMy Profile

    • Duifugo is a card game originating from Japan.

      Basically a player starts the game by either laying 1 card, a double, 3 or 4 of a kind set. Then players in a anti-clockwise fashion will need to lay cards that are higher than that on the table, matching the sequence. However, if 2 diamonds are laid one after another then the next card must be from the diamond suit. If an ascending (5❤,6❤,7❤) order of numbers from the same suit is played it will have to continue. The following rules also apply for certain card ranks:
      8 eights = Burn the deck
      Jacks = The next card must be a 10 and the cards count down (J>10>9>8)
      The highest card is 2 and the lowest is 3.

      That’s the general twist of the card game!

      The rules are a little hard to explain as it’s easier to pick up if you play it at the same time as I’m explaining; so I’m sorry if it didn’t make sense. Maybe I’ll write a post about it…

  • Sounds like you had an adventure right there! Also looks like a lot of fun! I hope that you did tell them if they ever visited California or the states to be careful doing the West Side Gestures. That’s all gang related. But yeah.

    Anyway, I’m a big lightweight when it comes to drinking. I had gotten drunk ONE time and that’s all it took for me to stay away from drinking. I was making home made daiquiri’s that I had found online as a recipe, and I got addicted to them. Well, we didn’t have an ordinary drinking glass or at least I didn’t. The entire amount of liquor and mix went into one single glass and I had drunk all of it. Later I had rum and coke and I was wasted. This is in the 10th grade mind you. I got drunk, had the hang over all in the same day. Sucks big time. Ever since then I can only drink the girly drinks like real light Wine Coolers such as Smirnoff, (even though those do get me a little loose) and some others. But I never tried hard liquor before unless you count a white russian. I tried that with my friends here at my apartments and it snuck up on me bad! Thank goodness I had the one glass. I went home and was totally gone. I’ve had my alcoholic stuff for the year! LOL. I don’t like it. My boyfriend on the other hand, he had a different background than I did. He was a partier and a musician so always throwing party’s and always drinking. But I never went to one single party. I guess because of the way I looked back in high school but eh. We all have different life styles. I was the goody goody, my boyfriend wasn’t. I’m glad I don’t drink alcohol it ruins your liver and you can get poisoned by it. Anyway, I’m glad you had a fun trip!
    Jamie recently posted…Confidentiality BrokenMy Profile

    • Ah! I forgot about that! We were having so much fun doing different gestures and learning the “spock” one too! xD Explaining to them Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock was confusing too hahaha!

      Oh wow! I’ve learnt to tolerate alcohol a little better and know my limits. I will always drink a glass of water after my 3rd drink just to sober up a little. Oh my days! I love daiquiri’s but yours sounds lethal! I’m glad you’ve tried and had the experience and know to not do it again because some people don’t stop till they physically have to lie in hospital =x It’s scary!

  • Oh wow that looks like such a great trip! Lucky you going to London :)

  • What’s even more baffling is the fact that no one else has complained but my boyfriend and I about this matter! She claims that she HAD to tell the tenant so I wouldn’t be in hiding. When I had talked to the manager, I had literally told her that I don’t know what kind of people the tenant knows, and I’m worried that they may retaliate against me and try to hurt my boyfriend, me, and/or his truck. The manager stated “They better not!” I’m not in any hiding, so I’m at a loss as to why she stated that. But I did confronted by the tenant about the matter stating to me that I needed to go to them not the manager. Whatever, I’m actually leaving this weekend to go visit my boyfriend’s grandparents and spend the weekend there.
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  • Wow, that is a great opportunity! And it looks like everyone had a lot of fun during the trip. I never went on any kind of trips like, though I would love a chance to go to London some time. Right now I’m all excited over getting to go to a city I’ve been to many times before – it’s just nice to get out of the area I live.
    Christa recently posted…Twinkie Cupcakes and FingernailsMy Profile

  • Wow, this looked like such an amazing opportunity! Congrats, hope you made some friends for life! I just got back from a Europe tour with Contiki and it was INCREDIBLE! :)

    Just found your blog from a comment you posted to me and absolutely love it, new follower xxx


  • Really nice and funny pics! It was a great opportunity! and sure you were a good teacher for these children! :-) Have a nice day! sweet kisses

    Rosa recently posted…Bali profundaMy Profile

  • I forgot to ask you if you would like to follow each other on bloglovin! It’d be great! let me know :-)
    Rosa recently posted…Bali profundaMy Profile

  • It’s great that you got to have a good experience, taking the kids around! Our high school had an exchange program with the Japan Club where a group came and group went. I did organizing for the group that came once, translating and taking them places (like the aquarium) as a fieldtrip, but I didn’t have to be responsible for them like you did. There were like 10 of them, but there were also bunch of teachers, which was good. And I think they home-stayed in various club member’s houses. I don’t think any stayed in my house, because that would kind of defeat the purpose… XD

    Good luck doing it again next year!! Hope you got their contact so you could trade letters and such! :)
    Hiro recently posted…Keeping Busy.My Profile

    • There were over 200 students that came and had to be supply into group A and group B o.o Was so many! Only one group leader knew Japanese and we thought she spoke to the students way too much in Japanese. Kinda defeats the purpose of their parents paying so much for them to fly over here…

      Yeah I gave them each a post card with a personal message and my contact details and managed to add them on Line messenger ^____^

  • Sue

    Hihi :) glad u had a great time! Its always exciting to try out new thing and wanting to do it again :D good times! <3

    • We should totally drag Patrick to join next time! Some of my friends want to participate next year too! :D