Mario Kart Wii Tournament

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The fun committee organised a big Wii tournament at work. We ended up playing Mario Kart since it had been really well received in previous Wii Tournament events.

The event was a success and it was so much fun for everyone. We organised four teams (Black Boo, Red Shy Guy, Blue Toad and Green Yoshi) where each had 4-5 team members; I was in Team Red Shy Guy. Quite a few people had to drop out last minute which wasn’t nice, others had to leave early as they had other commitments, but we still managed!

Each team had a team captain who chose which player to play each cup so each person had the chance to play 1 game of 4 maps. Then loints were awarded per game, 1st-10pts, 2nd-7, 3rd-3, 4th-1. It was harder that way and meant the leaderboard could change at any moment! So exhilarating!

At the end, there was a tie between two teams, Team Black Boo and Team Red Shy Guy! So we had one last battle where the MC decided the team captain from both teams should battle it out but I thought this was unfair since that had already decided the fate of the winners (my team captain played better), so I suggested that each team member played a map each from the selected cup (4 rounds, perfect) where players of similar calibre could race against each other. It also meant it was a team effort and involved everyone. This was a lot more challenging. I managed to get to first place from being 12th in the matter of seconds. That was a tough match!

So who won you ask?

Team Red Shy Guys! Woooooo! We hope to organise it again later this year because everyone really enjoyed their time racing with their fellow colleagues :) Which game that has a competition element would you suggest to play for approx 18 players?


With Love,
Kekidoll xxx

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  • Jackie Harrison

    I cool like how everyone participate in the game.

  • Playing Mario is so much fun!
    Though I’ve never played Mario Kart, only the “regular” game :p
    18 players really is a lot… I don’t know what elese you could play!

  • I love mario!
    Great post love

  • Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of players! I wish I knew more games to suggest. The only game I think of is Super Smash Bros of some sort. It could be set up similarly, since four people can go on, and there are individual maps. I’m a huge fan of Smash Bros, so that’s why it popped into my head. :P
    Looks like the fun committee really does live up to their name of being fun.

  • Cat

    That sounds super fun, and I like the way you guys organized it :D I love most Mario Kart games, but unfortunately, the Wii one is my least favorite so far. The items are a little too crazy and random for me! Super Smash Bros could also be a fun, competitive game for that many people. Congrats on your team’s win!
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  • That’s awesome! Sounds like it was super fun!
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  • Ooo, a Mario Kart tournament sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats to your team on winning :D I’m a huge fan of multiplayer games like Mario Kart – it’s always more fun when you can play with or against your friends! You can also have a Super Smash Brawl tournament, those are pretty fun too, and they get really intense, haha.
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  • The tournament looks so much fun, especially since there were so many players. :)

    I really suck at Mario Kart. And when I say that I suck, I REALLY suck. I’m always last place whenever I play it with my friends, since I don’t own a Wii.

  • Looks so fun~~~!! Congrats on winning a toy :3~~~!!! I love Mario Kart, can’t wait for the new one on WiiU!

  • Great post and very interesting! I like so much Mario kart!
    I follow you back on bloglovin! kisses
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  • Wow! This seems like so much fun. It has been a long time since I have played any video games! I am going to have to commandeer some from my brother. It is so cool that you get to do things like this at work!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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  • elisa

    I love that game…it’s so much fun!
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  • That sounds like super fun! I love Mario Kart :) & Congrats on winning.