MCM Expo London Comic Con May 2013

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On 24th-26th May I attended the MCM Expo in London at the ExCeL centre as a dealer as well as a visitor. I’ve been to this expo many times before but the event was massive this year and is continuing to grow.

The stall I had was in a prime position but I found my sales being taken away by my friends who was sharing the table and who was situated at the stall next door. Not to mention I was in the very ‘Pink’ zone so it drove a fee people away… This caused a blow to my profits. Anyway, the experience was amazing and really fun to do! The reason why I shared a stall rather than outright rent a whole one was because it was my first time and I wanted to test the waters. I was so nervous. I learnt a lot from the weekend manning my stall and the techniques for selling to the public. It was an interesting experience and I found many of the visitors to be very friendly and lovely people.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="My section of the table"]image
There was also a lot of cosplay this year from all ages. I was surprised at the lengths people go through to create costumes, in great detail, to match their favourite characters. I will create a different post to showcase my favourite cosplays rather than ram all the photos on here ^____^

Me with some friends

League of Legends was at the expo this May. They held a tournament on Saturday but was unfortunately badly organised. Fans and gamers weren’t pleased with the delays and the frustration it caused.
A lot of LoL merchandise being sold :D

Overall I had enjoyed my time at the expo. I managed to sell one out of two suitcases of stock and still have some items left over for next time.

There was a lot of there massive inflatable minons dotted around!

Will you be at MCM Expo in October? Do you attend conventions? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love,

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  • I’ve never been to any convention but I think it is so fun!
    Your costume suits you!
    I have always been a fan of cosplay 8D
    Mariel recently posted…A Mixed FeelingMy Profile

    • Awwh, thank you!

  • Thanks for your comment!
    That convention looks awesome ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    I usually go to “Salón del Manga” in Barcelona (^^)

  • Kay

    Cute costume! Love the glasses.

  • Cat

    Sorry to hear that some of your sales were taken away by your friends, but it sounds like you still sold a lot at least! Your unicorn onesie is adorable too :) I attend a lot of conventions, but mainly in my state. I don’t venture out very much since it gets expensive. I do cosplay photography at half of them, and cosplay to the other half!
    Cat recently posted…Getting readyMy Profile

  • I used to work at cons here in USA – I had to interview the vk bands for my site. Cons are extremely fun when you are attending but when you are working and interviewing bands etc it can get stressful. I no longer do vk band relations so I might start going again as just an attendee!!

    You looked like you had lots of fun!!
    Mija recently posted…Obsession with nail polishMy Profile

    • Oh woooow! I did think about volunteering but it’ll be very busy like you said and I won’t have time to walk around.

      I did have a lot of fun thanks ^___^ Can’t wait to do it again!

  • Even though your profits weren’t great, at least you gained a lot of experience. :)

    I’d love to go to a con one day. No one ever wants to go to a convention or even a concert with me. There’s a Dragon Con here in Atlanta every year, but none of my friends aren’t interested in it. :P I’d hate to go alone.

    • Yeah, I’ll learn from this experience and will apply it to the next. It will be bigger and better!

      You should go anyway! You will meet people on the way and in the queue, just start chatting. People are very friendly and chatty in these expos! Take your new camera and start snapping away! <3 Go out and be daring ;)