My best friend is off to the army *cry*

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Us at TGIs The gang

One of my close friends left for the army a couple of weeks ago. Before he went to serve the country we invited him out for drinks and dinner as a little farewell.

Drinks at Las Iguanas
Those Tequila shots were nice but deadly

We went to TGI Fridays (on Friday hehe) for some yummy steak and ribs. Delicious! Here I offered everyone with my chocolate cake which we didn’t manage to finish. The cake was too big and we were pretty much full from the dinner…

My barbecue ribs
My barbecue ribs! Om nom nom
Fai and his choccy cake
I made choccy cake!

We also gave him a little gift to wish him good luck. It was a dog tag necklace with a little message from our favourite game to remind him of all of us.

Dogtag present
Aim for a Pentakill! (LoL Reference)

Afterwards we went for drinks as Las Iguanas which was packed! They need more seats! However I did manage to bag a sofa with table after half an our of standing and a bottle of sangria. When we sat down, this was when the Tequila shots emerged and it was alright to down them and I didn’t feel dizzy at all. It was only when we got up to leave (he had a train to catch home and I had the anime expo the next day) I felt my stomach burn and make noises. Yup, I had to run for the loo and throw-up. Nice. I thought I held it in well and managed to run to logos and queue up for the disabled toilet for my turn (the normal loos were closed). I’m such a lightweight!

At Las Iguanas
Out for drinks afterwards ^^

All my friends seem to be leaving the country or further away from me. I just found out my housemate is going to China.

Who else is a lightweight? How do you handle your drinks? Any tips for me on how to prepare myself for another drinking session?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • that’s sweet of you…i hope he’ll be safe…
    Vikky recently posted…some LSS are really hard to break…My Profile

  • Tou’re glasses are so cute :) Seems like it was a fun night.

    Thanks for your comment. Would you like to follow each other?

    • Awww thank you!!!

      I already followed <3 xxx

  • For a farewell party, you looked like you had a lot of fun. Leaving with a blast, ha. I hope your friend stays safe!

    • Well we know we’ll see him again. We’re positive of it. Didn’t want everyone crying when he left.
      He’s keeping in touch every now and then when he can :) So far so good!

  • awww I hope he stays safe. What a cute send off – everyone looked happy and seemed to be alot of love!!!
    Mija recently posted…Boston here we come!!My Profile