Review: New Glasses from Glasses Direct

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I had my eyes tested a while back in February and didn’t see any particular pair of frames I liked in Specsavers. They’ve been my opticians since I was a kid and I practically own most of their nice frames. I therefore asked around to find out if there were any other places that sold nice frames. That was when a friend at work introduced me to Glasses Direct, an online glasses store with designer glasses in their range.

They have a free trial service where you can order up to 4 different pairs of glasses to try out for a week before you commit to buy. I had ordered 2 trials in the space of a month and tested 8 different frames before choosing 2 I liked the most.

The free trial is a really good way to give you a couple of days to really get the feel of the frames and see if they are comfortable resting on the bridge of your nose and on your ears. I felt this was better than trying in-store because you don’t have the freedom to test run them and walk around the house doing your everyday stuff at the opticians.


The free trial is delivered in small cardboard boxes with clearly printed details of contents with prices. Each frame is sealed in plastic pouches and nested in a segment.


After deciding which frame I preferred via the help of friends and family. I committed to order the two pairs I liked best when they arrived back in stock (I guess I picked the popular choice)… So here they are!


My second pair by lucky Brand!

The service was quick and the selection was wide. My order was delivered late, which I blame for the bank holiday, and they replied almost instantly to my email reassuring me and advising me. Offers are available throughout the month and they currently are running a 2 for 1 deal. If you would like a bigger discount on designer frames then I recommend signing up for their newsletter ;)

With love,
Keki xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Hey sweetie thank you for visiting my blog . I’m following you now by bloglovin follow back. You will know I’m definetly following I always leave comments.

  • That seems almost to good to be true! I need to get my butt back to the optometrist, to get my eyes tested. I’ve been noticing that my glasses are constantly giving me headaches, and due to the constant vision change, and change of scenery, going from my place to my boyfriend’s I got tension headaches and what not. But I’ll do this within the next month or so.

    The bass music is coming from the new tenant, who thinks she’s the queen bee and all that. It’s really annoying how people can use and lose your friendship. I’ve had that happen to me twice now since being at the apartment complex. I can’t stand how much drama is here, and how people who live here thrive off of hurting others and the drama. It’s annoying. When the new tenant heard of the complain she yelled at the top of her lungs hoping all the tenants will hear that I had complained. What an a**!!!
    Jamie recently posted…Confidentiality BrokenMy Profile

    • I know! But the free trials and the discounts made me purchase two pairs!
      Yeah you should really get your eyes checked out next month. That doesn’t sound pleasant.

      Say whaaaaaat? That’s out of order! Seems like she wants to be the one portrayed as the victim here. :( I wouldn’t know how to handle the situation myself apart from notifying the building manager like you did. Even though you did complain it’s not a bad thing and she’s still in the wrong. =/

  • It’s really nice that you can try them out before you commit to buy anything :)

  • Cat

    I like your new glasses! The first one is the style of my current frames, and I’ve been wanting to get another like it. I’m glad the online ordering worked out really well for you. I want to try a service like that too. This makes me want to look into one now :)
    Cat recently posted…Cake decorating tipsMy Profile

    • Oh really? I like them ^___^ All my friends I should get it so it did but since there was a 2for1 offer on the site I decided to go for the second pair which is different to what I’d normally choose. Xxx

  • The glasses are fantastic and so nice! Your choice is great! I like it very much! And it’s perfect to can try them on before the final shooping. sweet kisses
    Rosa recently posted…keep calm and summer is hereMy Profile

    • Thanks Rosa! ^^

  • elisa

    Nice glasses!
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    PS. Don’t forget to check my latest post featuring a lovely Oasap overall !!!

  • its so great to had a glasses online store that we offer a free trial of their product before we decide to buy.

    and si great tha you finally choose of what kinds of frames do you want. question, on the free trial you ordered, do you pay any charges on shipping, just curious.

    Daily Rants Of Mine

    • No all the trials are absolutely free!! So you can try on up to four pairs of glasses on their site for free for a week. They pay for the postage :)

  • nice glasses and post!

    brazilian greetings
    Gabriel Kaefer recently posted…O mix com pink!My Profile

    • Thanks Gabriel!

  • That is very convenience and totally make sense as you said. I would rather try them on for a day or two than just a few minutes in the store to see if a pair of frame is comfortable. :) Thanks for sharing the information. And you look very cute in all of them.
    Amy Tong recently posted…The End of Google Reader, Alternative and OptionsMy Profile

    • Indeed! I like the free trial idea a lot ^^ Thank you for your sweet compliment!

  • BOTH pairs look so awesome on you. I’ve been a long wearer of glasses also. Since 1st grade! LOL I wear both contacts and glasses. It can be so expensive! This really gives me another option. Thanks for this post.
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Holika Holika: Dessert Time Lip Balm Product ReviewMy Profile