Bargain Hunting: Dresses, Make Up, Bags

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On the July 4th weekend I went back home to visit mum in the countryside. The weather was lovely and really hot. So many people were on the roads towards the beaches but I went bargain hinting with my family instead.

Avom products

Every summer Sunday markets (car boot sales) open on large fields in towns and villages. We decided to head to one in Crawley to find any good unwanted clothes, books, furniture, produce or beauty products. These markets sell anything nowadays and many people have set up business selling at these large scale markets that run from 6am to 1pm. I vision it as an offline, cheaper eBay.

Floral dress

During my hunt I managed to grab some, new and old, dresses and Avon make-up. I would have bought some books for 25p but I didn’t want to carry a lot when I travelled back to London. Plus I haven’t found the time to finish my reading list yet! My cousin on the other hand did really well. She found some really nice dresses under £3, 2 wicker baskets (IKEA) for 40 pence each! Plus a cute moustache clock for £1.50 (worth £12) and little shark camera bag for £1.

These Sunday markets/car boot sales are a great way to clear out unwanted items in your home. Another man’s trash could be another man’s treasure. This is why my cousin and I are planning to sell at one ourselves. Just need time to do a good tidy of the wardrobe and pack items I wouldn’t mind selling for under £3.

Blue Polka dot Dress

There are many of these large scale car boot sales across the country so if you’re looking to find some bargains or just to get rid of stuff for some cash then try visiting one this weekend! The cost varies per market but its usually 50 pence entrance fee and around £10 to rent a stall space.

Do you love bargains? Have you visited a Sunday market before?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Those dresses are so cute! I’m always looking for bargains and sales.
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Etude House Sweet Recipe ReviewMy Profile

  • Jackie Harrison

    Beautiful dresses like the concept to sell items you do not wear or want.

  • The markets sound like a lot of fun to go to! And I’m all for cheap, haha, so yes I love bargains! I’ve never been to a Sunday market – I’m not sure if they have them around where I live, but they do have farmer’s markets here and those are actually pretty fun, haha.

    I love that floral dress!
    Becca recently posted…Puerto Rico – Part OneMy Profile

    • Thank you! The floral dress is so nice!! I was afraid I wouldn’t fit it

  • Oooooh! The dresses are so cute!! I really needed that kind of dress the last few days when it was so hot outside.
    Denise recently posted…Be gay for a day, part 2!My Profile

  • I love good bargains. I really need to attend markets like this more often. The dresses pictured are very pretty.

    Tracy @
    Tracy recently posted…What to Wear: White HeelsMy Profile

  • Cat

    That’s cool! I didn’t know about those type of markets. We have garage sales, which is similar, but they’re at each person’s house. I think it’d be more fun if they were all in one place like the Sunday market. You found some nice things! I especially like the floral dress :)
    Cat recently posted…Recent PurchasesMy Profile

  • Wow you bought a lot of stuff for a really really good price! I’ve never been to these market sales before, though whenever I go to Hong Kong, I always like looking at the street stuff, as they’re always unbelievably cheap. I love buying stuff that’s cheaper than it’s worth. I love the floral dress, it’s something I would definitely want to wear.
    Esme recently posted…Dumb and DumberMy Profile

  • I’m generally alright with bargains however, I can’t say I’m good at doing it. Heck, I don’t even think I LIKE doing it, especially if you’re faced with sellers who get their blood boiling too easily…which I’ve found from China, the country I hate doing bargaining with because the sellers can end up scolding and yelling at you like “if you don’t wanna buy then just shut up and walk away!” ugh, not to mention really rude as well lol. My mother’s good and is fond at bargaining…I mean we all love cheap prices but yeah, arguing and exerting like so much effort to bargain (argue, even) is just not my cup of tea. Lol

    It’s good you have sunday market there. We have nothing such as that or even the infamous black market where everything,cheaper, was it not? Everything stays put and expensive here meh -__- then again, here, sales stuff works differently haha not sure if it can be considered “sunday market” as well…
    Love the blue polkadot dress :) It’s simple yet adorable~
    Alice recently posted…From influence to addictionMy Profile

    • Well haggling can be a good skill to have. You will never know if you’ll get a discount until you ask ^^

      You don’t have to always yell but if they yell at you you should yell back and storm away. Or, storm out because they’re rude to you. If they want a sale they should try to negotiate.

  • Aww, I wish I could go there too! I love shopping! Especially when everything isn’t that expensive! I do love your dresses! They are adorable! :)
    Melissa recently posted…My first vlog video…….My Profile

    • Awww thank you sweetie^^ Maybe check your local newspapers to see if there are car boot sales happening in your area xxx

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