Misleading (almost androgenous) Toilet Signs

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I’ve been to a fair amount of restaurants during my lifetime but whenever I go to the toilet I would have to search for it and then look for the sign that says “Ladies”. However not every bathroom has the sign in word format. Sometimes they will have it as an image or even sometimes a photo. Some of these signs are quite misleading and can confuse people. I know I was!

Here was one example I’ve come across:
It took my friends and I a little while to figure out which one was the ladies and had to pop our head in to make sure there weren’t any urinals inside. When I look back at the photo I think I understand what the artist/designer was thinking about. Men stand and women squat. I think that was his/her logic.

Have you seen any misleading toilet signs around your area?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great post got a kick out of it and learn something new thank you.

  • Lol, that is really misleading XD I never saw those kind of signs for the toilets.
    Melissa recently posted…Long lost postMy Profile

  • Cat

    haha, I’m still kind of confused by those signs. Does that mean the first one is for men? Because I would have thought it was for women based on the color!

    I’ve seen some restaurants try to be creative with their bathroom signs, like doing them based on a theme. I remember one was deer themed so it was “buck” and “doe”. I prefer the simple and straight forward ones, so that there is no confusion!
    Cat recently posted…Sewing room make overMy Profile

    • I knoooow! Yes the first one is for men and the second one is women. Took me a while!

      I’ve seen another that said ‘Bitches’ and ‘Bastards’ once.

  • hahaha, so funny xD
    But I think that’s the logic :p


  • omg’d that is so awesome! i really had to look at it before figuring it out. can you imagine having to GOOOOOOOOOOO and trying to figure out? i’m sure there have been many surprises! GREAT POST! I laughed.
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Holika Holika: Dessert Time Lip Balm Product ReviewMy Profile

  • Wow. I’ve never seen any bathroom sign like that before. I would have had to pop my head into the bathroom as well. After seeing the signs though the logic does make sense. It’s just…weird to see those signs when you’re expecting the kind of signs you’ve seen millions of times before.
    Christa recently posted…1 Week VeganMy Profile

    • Yeah we had to pop our heads in to check if there weren’t any urinals before entering Lol.

  • Hahaha this funny post, love it! btw you have a lovely blog and great post thou! did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo

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  • Ria

    Oh wow I’ve never seen any unusual signs like this before! I would have been confused with these signs too!

    Ria x