Review: Bodeans BBQ Restaurant and Cookies & Cream

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For my friend’s 27th birthday, she invited us to go to Bodeans in Tower Hill, an American BBQ restaurant that serves a lot of beef, pork and carbs.


This is not a restaurant for the faint hearted! The portions here are large and it really reminded me of Man vs Food and Epic Meal Time. I would suggest it to those with very big appetites.


I shared a large Bodeans Boss platter for two with another two friends. There were burnt ends, ribs, pork, chicken, coleslaw and chips. It was a lot of meat to devour but I really enjoyed it! I probably could have finished it sharing with two people because I was eating other people’s food when I finished mine hahaha. Not enough!! (Makes me realise that I eat a lot!)


Afterwards, we went to Cookies & Cream in Whitechapel. It was a good walk and short bus journey ^^ Here we had ice creams and caramel tarts with custard. People who were full just had a mocktail each. I ordered a mint Aero sundae. Whoop whoop! It was delicious but very chocolatey… They popped in so many Aero chocolate balls. I think I was getting slightly sick on chocolate towards the end.


It was a good evening and we all enjoyed ourselves with our food babies.


I would definitely recommend these places but Bodeans is a very strict chain of restaurants. They limit you to two hours to eat all your food and you must have a full party, else they’ll charge you for every missing party member. So if you have fickle friends who drop out last minute, I wouldn’t suggest inviting them; as mean as it sounds you don’t want to have to pay extra due to their laziness to attend.


Did any of you enjoy BBQ meat/healthy salads for the summer?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    The food looks delicious and you to funny . Happy birthday to your friend . Those milkshakes and mocktails I will want to drinks now in this 90 humid degree weather.

  • That really is lots of food :o
    That milkshake from the first picture looks delicious!

    • I’m surprised we managed to eat it all!

  • Hi Jojo! :)

    I actually thought you live in London at first. Quite disappointed to learn that you didn’t because we could go on food journeys together! The food pics are making me hungry. *_*

    Huong recently posted…Fashion: TK Maxx Sale… now on! ;}My Profile

    • I do!! I moved to London just under year ago :) Although I don’t know if I want to stay hahaha

  • All of that food looks so good. I love bbq. The milkshakes and sundaes look fabulous. Gosh, I would’ve eaten everything. They would’ve had to roll me out of there. hahahaha Great post.
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Dior Summer Mix Collection 2013 Product ReviewMy Profile

  • Oops sorry Amy! I had a lightning look at your ‘about’ section and thought you were Jojo.
    Huong recently posted…Fashion: TK Maxx Sale… now on! ;}My Profile

    • Hahaha! That’s my friend ^^

  • Cat

    I love BBQ! BBQ is a pretty big deal in Texas, so there are a lot of places, and we end up having it often. That platter looks good! I haven’t heard of another restaurant like Bodeans though that limits your eating time and charges if you have missing people. That does seem super strict.

    The desserts and cocktails look yummy too!
    Cat recently posted…Recent PurchasesMy Profile

    • Yeah, we ate really fast though and ordered beforehand for the friends who came late so they can eat once they arrive. Kinda harsh on the digestion though – having to wolf it all down…

  • Oh wow the proportions look so huge! That’s so good! At the restaurants I’ve been to recently, the proportions have been small in relation to their costs. It looks so nice as well! Wow the Aero sundae looks so good, I love Aero chocolate :)
    Esme recently posted…StarsMy Profile

    • I like my food, big portions are gooood! I love Aero too!!! It’s such a nice chocolate ^^

  • The best things about birthday is going out to eat loads of food. ^_^ I don’t eat meat (or any animal products). But there is a great BBQ place I always visit when I’m in Pittsburgh (PA), they have great vegan eats and my meat eating friends all say their BBQ is awesome.

    • Oh wow. I’ve never tried a vegan BBQ before! Sounds interesting :)

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