Review: Laser Tag at Bunker51, North Greenwich

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So the Fun Committee organised an evening full of fun playing laser tag! It was at Bunker 51 in North Greenwich which is surprisingly easy to get to from North Greenwich tube station by public transport or via taxis.


When we arrived we were greeted, given forms to sign (our lives away) and handed overalls to wear. Our Marshall warned us to take off our t-shirts else you’ll get soaked/sweat rings so I heeded her warning and just wore the overalls over my shorts. These are surprisingly warm since they are thick but help keep you clean because the arena is very muddy! Yes, it was too hot (30 degrees) to be wearing overalls but I took it as a sauna and gym session.


We played for 1 hour. This fitted in four 10 minute games and included briefing. There was 3 modes:
– Teams
– VIP: Shoot the president 40 times to win the game
– Free for All

There were 5 hit areas on each armour: 3 on the gun and 2 on the body piece. I found the best place was to aim for the enemy gun unless you’re at close range to hit their body armour. The sensor on my gun was odd, I was unable to hit someone on their back even standing close to them. Ah well. Friendly fire is also on so it was hard to not shoot my teammates especially when they ran in front of me during open fire…

Team Mode Gameplay
Our group got split into two. So there were 7 on each side. We started on opposite corners and slowly moved around the room; dodging laser beams and hiding behind crates and blocks. The aim of the game is to score the highest amount of hits – one hit equals a kill. Team that “kills” the most wins. Green team won by a mere few kills.

VIP Mode Gameplay
The top player from the team who won the first game now becomes the VIP. The opposing team now has to assassinate the VIP while his/her team protects her. My friend was the VIP and we managed to get to him where his team and my team battled it out but he managed to hide himself very well in the last 5 minutes, so my team only hit him 20 times. Hahaha.

Free for All Gameplay
In this mode it’s ‘Every man for himself’. So basically shoot anyone you come across. The only problem was the arena was so small and there wasn’t many places to hide. So we were literally sitting ducks. It was still fun and cool to run around like headless chickens. One of my colleagues didn’t understand what a free for all was and was telling his “team” not to shoot him. I had to educate him mid-battle… bless (shows I play many FPS to understand these terms…)


The laser tag arena is fairly small but vast in the sense of space because there wasn’t a lot of hiding areas. Crates, trucks, tyres, buildings and shields are dotted around the place but it wasn’t a maze like some other laser tag arenas I’ve been to. However, it’s easy to see the flashing lights on the armour since its an open space. The laser tag arena is also very muddy, wet and dirty so you must be careful when running. Some of my group slipped and hurt themselves. The armour and gun were slightly weighty so if you’re not over 5’1″ you wouldn’t be able to handle it.


Overall the venue was easy to get to, small but fine if you have a large group. A lot of camping rather than running around. So unless you have a tactic to flank the other team you wouldn’t be able move forward.
The area is available exclusive to your party if you have at least 10 players. Drink and food packages are available but we didn’t get it. You will get really sweaty. All of us looked like we just jumped out of a waterfall (eww) so do bring a change of clothes or just wear the overalls over shorts. I thought it was value for money, £20 per person for an hour gameplay; although not the cheapest I’ve come across.
It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. Some people were playing unfairly but their sneaky tactics weren’t fruitful.


Hope you all enjoyed this post. Will you visit Bunker51? Or do you have another laser tag venue you prefer?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    I love laser tag its so much fun have one located 1/2 hour away from where I live, last time my friends and I went was last October.
    Need to go back thanks for sharing.

  • Laser tag is FUN and an adrenalin kick! :)
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Do You Have Clout? If So, Join Klout!My Profile

  • It sounds like you had fun! XD At least it’s better when it comes to paintball. Though I think I’d like to do it once in the future with a group of friends. So I’ll keep laser tag in my mind! :P
    Melissa recently posted…My first vlog video…….My Profile

    • You must blog about it when you do!!

  • Oh my gosh, that looks like SO much fun!! I’ve played laser tag before, but it’s not as cool as that. The place we’ve gone to is almost like glow in the dark, so it’s more just running around and hiding and NOT getting dirty – but that’s the best part so I would’ve loved to get all muddy! Haha

    The arena looks super cool too! Likewise, the one I go to is very clean and almost like futuristic looking? It’s still a lot of fun, but that place looks so much better!
    Becca recently posted…Puerto Rico – Part TwoMy Profile

    • I’ve been to a futuristic venue too! Those are more for smaller groups so you gave places to hide and catch people out.
      Bunker51 is for large groups where it literally is run and shoot. However you can easily fall over and get hurt. Its as lethal as paintball…
      Still, its all in the name of fun!

  • I love laser tag, though it has been YEARS since I last went. Though, the one you went to sounds a lot cooler than the one I go to. We only shoot people on other teams in a small venue. The different gameplay sounds awesome. I love the idea of the VIP one. I’m glad you had a lot of fun :)
    Esme recently posted…Fake a SmileMy Profile

    • Yeah this was totally different to what I usually play. The VIP was interesting. The VIP ended up hiding from everyone in a small corner. We lost sight of him!!


    Aww this looks like so much fun, I love lasertag!!


  • I’d love to play that, but I think i’d be very nervous xD
    I never heard of anything like that here in my country!
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…No place like homeMy Profile

  • B

    awesome post!
    This looks like something super fun?!

  • It is safer compare with paintball
    I never play lasertag b4…wish to play one day
    would you like to follow each other?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Emily Tang recently posted…Carsifu Johor?My Profile