4 Things They Didn’t Tell You To Bring For Your Chinese Visa Application

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Remember that I mentioned in my last post about missing my coach to Manchester? Well I was sorting out visa applications for my family in London; getting a visa is such a bitch nowadays! The Chinese embassy keep changing their rules. I did not have a good Friday morning. I was so annoyed because I found out I didn’t have all the information until I was told about it when I arrived; this also happened to many others so it was a new rule.

So here I am notifying any of you from UK wishing to visit mainland China what you are required to bring to your 30 minute appointment. Don’t get turned away like many of us did and waste your whole morning!

The stuff you know to bring:
– Your Passport
– Passport sized photo of yourself (£5 at the photobooth in the office)
– An old passport if you have your previous visa in it
– Visa application form

The important documents you weren’t told to bring:
– An A4 photocopy of your passport: this is the image and details section either at the front or back of your passport
– An A4 photocopy of your previous visa: If you had visited China before then they require an A4 sized photocopy of your old visa
– A letter from the place you’re staying at:
If you’re staying with friends or relatives (or like this guy, a martial arts academy) you will need a letter or recommendation from them. This letter must state their address, your full name, gender and date of birth, their relation to you, your reason of visit, your date of arrival and departure, where you will visit and must be signed by them. Please note, this must be handwritten as they will not accept emails.
If you are staying at a hotel you must print a copy of your booking receipt.
– If your correspondent/relative you’re staying with holds a Chinese passport or ID card you will need a photocopy/scan of this, front AND back!

Should you forget to bring these items, the office provides you with photocopiers (20 pence per A4 sheet) and computers with the internet for you to download and print items (still 20 pence per A4 sheet) – this is so you can contact family to email items to you.

Hope this post will help you if you’re thinking of visiting China in the future! Don’t waste 2 hours waiting and photocopying stuff!! There will be a massive queue so get ahead of the crowd and do it beforehand.

Good luck,
Kekidoll xoxo

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