Bake Off Competition and Barbeque with Friends

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Since summer has arrived (finally!), my TKD group decided to hold a BBQ and AGM at someone’s house over the weekend. We also agreed to a bake-off where each team (2 members) would create a winning dessert of their own and take home the prize of pride.


My friend, Diana, and I teamed up together.  At first she wanted to make a Caramel Tart with Custard, an old school dessert we used to have back at school. We tried to bake it one evening and after 3 failed attempts we gave up… So much butter and butterscotch was wasted :( I found the caramel the hardest to make because I didn’t know if you should cook it on the heat, the heat and flour made the mixture look like crumbs and tasted like Indian sweets (just without the coconut). A few days later, my friend was told that we could actually buy pre-made caramel in a tin so we basically wasted an evening and a fridge of ingredients. D’oh!


When the day of the competition arrived though, we totally changed tactics and baked cakes we could and love. We baked 3 in total because we were so indecisive and had bought so many ingredients! In the end, we had baked Carrot Cake (my fave), Red Velvet Cake (the judge’s fave) and Victoria Sponge Cake (Diana’s fave). We baked so much because, basically, Diana wanted to win (hahaha). Our sweat and tears in the morning proved a success when they announced that she won (after a long chat with the judges, else my cake would have won Lol!)


We were up against forest fruits jelly and banofee pie.




There was also a BBQ going in the garden during our meeting which made us all drool over the chicken cooking on the grill. It smelt so good and meant people weren’t really concentrating. We had to break half way, gobble down the cooked food and then sit back to the meeting while the rest cooked – the smell teasing us.


The BBQ meat was so tasty and it was a very fun day. There was so much left over we all took some home :) We even played Tekken on the XBox which I haven’t touched in ages! I only really know to button mash though…


What did you guys do to enjoy the sunny weather? Did you take advantage and fired up a BBQ too?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Seem like you had a lot of fun. I started to get hungry right no. After I rite this comment I am going to grab something to eat. Arghh … That’s a little off topic.

    The weather as amazing around here and a few days ago I gathered together with my high school classmates and had a barbeque. we went away for to days, and we had a lot of fun. we thought that this would be our last chance to be together before e leave for college. Anyways, probably there will be other barbeques this summer … or the few days that are left of it :D

    • hehehe, imagine starting at the oven and the table of goodies for the whole day!

      Do as many barbecues as you can!! I want to do another :)

  • Cat

    The BBQ and bake-off sounds fun! So much fooooood XD That’s too bad the caramel tart didn’t work out though. I hate it when I waste ingredients on failed attempts too. All of the desserts look super yummy! Carrot cake is also my favorite flavor of cake!

    I like sunny weather, but I’m currently not liking how hot it’s getting. We’re actually waiting until it cools down a little before we use our grill again!
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    • I knoooooooow! We were so gutted that it didn’t taste good enough to actually give it to someone to eat it :( I hate wasting food too so I was trying to eat most of the failed caramel…

      I like it when it’s warm and has a nice breeze :) When it gets too hot and you sweat just standing, that’s bad…

  • elisa

    I wish I had a barbecue too!
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  • Amy

    The competition sounds like so much fun. Me and my friends once did ‘Come dine with me’ where we each took it in turns to make a meal each week and scored each other. We all made pasta though – we are terrible at cooking haha. The deserts look lovely!

    I’m a button masher on video games too. My boyfriend’s always telling me that you need to press things in a certain order, but I just press them all. Which is probably why I’m bad at video games.

    I worked through most of the sunny weather. I did go to Manchester for shopping and a gig on Sunday, and it was nice outside then though.

    I have to say, I’ve never experienced drunk people meowing on buses. I think that would really scare me. Or make me fall of my seat laughing. It would depend on how late at night it happened and what area I was in. Buses are seriously strange.

    And I really hope I pass first time. I know loads of people who had to go through multiple tests before they pass, and failed on really silly things that they wouldn’t have usually done, which scares me.
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