I Held a Store at a local Sunday Market

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sunny, yet windy morning
A sunny, yet windy morning.

Remember me telling you about the time I went bargain hunting? Well I had a role reversal and sold old things of my own. I did the stall with my cousin and we both found it very fun. People kept thinking we were sisters though.

Smile at the camera
Do we look like sisters?

We arrived quite late, around 8am since we got a little lost on the motorway and I exited too early (I hadn’t driven in the area for a year so I had forgotten how to get there.) So when we finally found it, we parked in our allocated spot and started pouring the bags of clothes that we had, plus those given to us by our family. There was a small crowd waiting for us to setup, trying to see what bargains were up for grabs; I felt like they were vultures eyeing up their prey. A man also asked when I pulled up if I had an old mobile phones – talk about impatient!

piles of clothes
Look at the piles of clothes!

There were a few items that had a designer label or were brand new that I didn’t want to lower the price too much. After a fifth person asking and then walking away from my high priced items I started to think whether I should knock the price down a little. My cousin reassured me that if the right person comes and is interested they will haggle – she was right. I sold my Yves Rocher makeup box set (42 piece set) for £3, haggled down from £5. Although it costed a lot more it was a gift that I had never used and everything was still intact; I didn’t want to waste it. I’ve seen Superdry clothing and really nice Bape jumpers sold for £1 – an absolute bargain. After a couple of hours in, we found that individually pricing the items didn’t work and drove people away. We had piles of clothes and people kept asking how we were selling them. So we devised sections where one side was £1 and the other sold at 50 pence per item. It was very cheap but it meant people would be willing to rummage, so the bigger the crowd the more people it would attract (smart thinking huh?) Besides we had so much to sell I really did not want to repack it into the car and come back again. Our parents had told us, “if you can’t sell it then give it to charity”. This was our whole intention in the first place but we wanted to earn a little bit of money before giving it away.

stall at the sunday market
So much stuff!

There was also a lady who stopped her car mid-exit and yelled out the window about a unicorn toy I was selling. I gave it to her for 50p – I love last minute sales. 

me at the stall
Awaiting for customers to rummage through our stall :)

Our little brick-a-brack stall had clothes from sizes 8-14, shoes, toys plus little bits and bobs. We sold a lot of stuff and plan to do it once more before we dump the bags off at a local charity shop.

If you’re in the Sussex area, come pop by! We’ll be in Crawley Pease Pottage market this Sunday :)

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great sale it must be fun to go to one of those event. Thank you for sharing. By the way are you still following me have not seen a comment from you.

    • Thanks ^___^

      Ah sorry! I haven’t been actively commenting lately. Need to get back on track!!

  • I’ve already done that before and we eneded up having lots of fun too :D


    • That’s great to hear! I found it fun too ^^

  • Amy

    I’ve done market stalls where I live – me and my Dad always get the exact same question about cheap mobile phones as soon as we get there. It’s pretty much all we ever get asked so it’s a shame that we never have any to sell haha.

    People are always looking for bargains at those sort of events. The amount of times I’ve had to sell something for a lot cheaper than I wanted to – it’s so annoying. At least you managed to make some money by the end of the day.

    Hope you had fun!
    Amy recently posted…Burning my fingers in way too many piesMy Profile

    • I don’t know why you would want to buy a tattered old phone from these places. I guess it’s cheaper than eBay and you could see the actual product before you buy but I wouldn’t really trust it. If it breaks or doesn’t work after you’ve paid you have no insurance to claim your money back.