Manchester Comic Con and Hyper Japan Goodies!

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I had purchased a lot of goodies during my visit to MCM expo Manchester and Hyper Japan. This is what I hoarded on my travels!

A Japanese snack making kit. This is really cute but I haven’t found the time to use it yet. It creates donut shaped jellies you can decorate and then eat!
You can buy it from Tofu Cute


My little cousins are obsessed with My Little Pony and have even since forced me to watch it. I haven’t sat down and watched all the episodes (please don’t kill me MLP fans…) But I’ve watched a few clips on YouTube. So I bought them Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle keyrings for them. My friend bought a plugy with a Fluttershy design.


I came across a very cute store filled with handmade felt toys and acrylic earrings. All designs were created by Cherry Abuku. I couldn’t resist getting these little babies! If you didn’t know, I have enough pairs of earrings to wear every day of the year… Its one piece of jewellery I love to change and wear.
Shop for cute acrylic jewellery pieces here!


I bought this necklace and ring from a lovely girl who makes her own jewellery pieces and sells them from her Livejournal blog. The bunny necklace was Alice in Wonderland inspired. The ice cream ring was just so sparkly and I absolutely LOVE ice cream!!
Shop for cute acrylic jewellery pieces here!


I also visited the Nanoblocks store and bought some sets to try out! Here I bought the Toucan and Piano set. I was told the Toucan set was the hardest to build.


I also bought an Owl a while back from MCM Expo. Isn’t she cute? I love the colour purple and her personality remind me of myself :)
You can order one from Artbox online.


Last but not least, my cute and cuddly Alpaca! This was from my friend Jojo. Her store, Lovejojo, was very pink and she had an army of Alpacas to sell! After the Hyper Japan event she only had 12 left.
Grab an Alpaca before stocks run out now!

What should I name this little darling?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    You got very cute items doll.
    Keep in touch.

  • Cat

    Aah! You got so much cute stuff! I love them all :) I tend to buy cute stuff when I’m at conventions too. I’m really bad at resisting them, haha. I especially like the earrings and the bunny necklace!
    Cat recently posted…San Japan 6My Profile

    • I love cute stuff! I can’t seem to resist them either! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

      I’ve been wearing my bunny necklace for the past 3 weeks now. Love it! <3

  • Wow, you indeed hoarded a lot of kawaii stuff! I got excited on the Japanese snack making kit. I mean, it’s way too cool to design such and be artsy fartsy before you eat it. Can’t wait to see what yours would look like (;
    Anne recently posted…Chopstick Updo
    How do you tie your hair up? I honestly prefer…
    My Profile

  • Amy

    I want to go to a comic convention, but I always miss them. I live about an hour away from the Manchester one so I might try and get the day off work to go next year. Was it good??

    I have a friend who’s obsessed with MLP, her and her boyfriend watch the episodes on the day they come out – it’s mad. I always thought it was a children’s programme. The old version was never this popular.

    Nanoblocks are a pain to build with. My boyfriend has the piano one, and he’d started building it and done a pretty good job. Then I went round and accidentally broke it. Oops. I’ve done the koala one, but it was so hard.

    Aww, that alpaca is so cute! I love alpacas.

    £15’s really good for Big Bang Theory, I’m jealous. The cheapest I’ve seen it for is £25, but I’ve seen all of them in order on On Demand, it’s just series 6 I’ve missed.

    Amy recently posted…Bus Travel BluesMy Profile

    • You should totally go! It’s good fun but I think you wouldn’t need the whole day to see it all since they don’t use half the hall… There isn’t as many stalls and things to do in the Manchester one as they have in the London MCM. However I would always prefer Hyper Japan.

      I don’t get the new MLP either! They are more animated and cuter than the original but I think it’s because they’ve given each pony character and personality which people can learn to like. My aunt bought my cousin a whole set of my little ponies but they turned our to be the originals and not the recent anime-type version so she was a bit bummed when they didn’t want them.

      I don’t think they’re that hard if you follow the instructions correctly. I think what it’s hard is finding space to place it on display… (I liv ein a small room) You should replace the piano one!! Although the legs are quite small and thus flimsy.

      My friend says Series 6 is a little bland and there isn’t enough character development in it, but they hope Series 7 will be good.

  • kawaii!
    i like the earrings!
    haven’t tried attending conventions, ,my other friends does.
    Looks fuun!

  • So many cute and fun things! I’m a little envious. LOL All these blogs are showing me cute things and I’m starting to get that itch to go and spend monies on things I don’t really need. I love Alpaca the most XD
    Ongaku recently posted…Short VacationMy Profile

    • Hehe! Which other blogs have you seen? I love cute items!! I love my alpaca too ^^

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