Review: Eat Tokyo Diner, Trafalgar Square

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I’ve been to Eat Tokyo Diner twice now and I absolutely love their food. Their portions are large and fairly inexpensive. The food is authentic and very tasty. Even my Japanese friends mention its authentic and reminds them of home. I actually prefer this restaurant to Taro, you get much more for the sane price!

The only downside to eating at Eat Tokyo is that you may need to wait up to an hour for a table to come free. There isn’t as big of a queue as Misato, but the restaurant is small, so there is limited space, and there are usually large groups waiting for tables. So it is advise to book beforehand.

The wait on my first visit was approximately 30 minutes. My friend – now Wifey (long story short the dinner became a date and she somehow proposed to me. Well that joke escalated quickly!) – and I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki Bento this came with age tofu, salad, 2 pieces of sushi, pickle, the chicken and a bowl of miso soup. I also ordered a side of sushi tempura sushi rolls which was over the top because I ended up not being able to finish it all! It was very filling. The presentation of the tempura sushi was very pretty, tasty too!

The next occasion was a dinner meet up with some friends. This time the wait was around an hour so we were all starving. My Japanese friends were craving katsu curry and had even bought supplies from Chinatown to make it. When we had finally sat down, we browsed the fully extensive menu (I had never seen such a massive folder of food). I had happily selected a tempura bento for myself when Mao spotted a gentleman behind us eat this massive pate of curry. She instantly asked him what he ordered and he pointed it out on the menu for us. To our surprise, the katsu curry was only £6 for a normal dish sized dish and £8.50 for a double-up large portion! So I changed my mind and ended up ordering the large chicken katsu curry. The plate was huge and almost filled the table.

The ratio of the portions was right and enough to have curry with rice. The pieces of chicken were juicy and meaty. Just thinking back to it makes my mouth water.
The pork katsu was thinner and probably because the oil wasn’t boiled enough, the pork katsu was oily and not meaty. The size of the double portion would be enough to satisfy two people and you would still roll out the restaurant.

I would really recommend this restaurant to those with large appetites and love Japanese cuisine. It’s nice in there and the staff are generally nice, if they’re not busily running around the place serving. Eat Tokyo has many branches across London, the one I went to was in Trafalgar Square.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Would you visit this particular restaurant, or do you have a favourite place of your own?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great friends good food what else can you ask for. Nice post

  • The food looks delicious! It must be if people wait for it. HAHAHA Big portions! You and your friends are so funny! This was a great post!
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Downton Abbey Beauty Collection at Marks & SpencerMy Profile


    Omg, wow, this actually looks so delicious!! I’m planning on travelling to Japan soon, so I guess I should put my self in a habit of starting to eat Japanese food! Looks like you and your friends had a splendid time!


  • Oh my god!!! Everything looks yummy and they really have big servings!!!! :D I love Japanese Food and I always try to look for a great place to get some
    Sherica recently posted…Ber-Months WishlistMy Profile

  • Cat

    It’s always nice to find an authentic Japanese place! That’s too bad that the wait can be long though. Sometimes I avoid places that I know will be crowded because I’m so hungry, haha. All of the food looks tasty though! And the portions look so big! I would probably visit that place if I were ever nearby. There’s a couple Japanese places near me that are authentic and that I love to go too :)
    Cat recently posted…Hawaii AddictionMy Profile

  • Wow that restaurant sounds so cheap! The food looks and sounds amazing. The portions are so large! In the restaurants I’ve been eating at lately, the dishes are so expensive, so I expect a large plate of food, but I always end up getting an extremely small plate of food that does not satiate my hunger. It’s unfortunate the wait is really long, but whenever I eat dinner with my friends, at least one of them is late anyway, so it’s not that much of a problem for me.
    Esme recently posted…Darkest Before DawnMy Profile

  • Amy

    The food looks lovely! That’s so cheap for such a big portion. I think if I went I’d have to go for the small sized one – I couldn’t eat all that. Glad you had a nice time!
    Amy recently posted…Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going To UniversityMy Profile

  • As much as I hear about curry, I have actually never had some and I have been wanting to try it. Thing is, I don’t want to just try it any where… so that is why I haven’t yet.
    All that food looks so yummy. This post is making me hungry and it is barely 8am! lol
    Looks like fun too ♥
    Ongaku recently posted…My JobMy Profile

    • Maybe look at some reviews and have a nose around restaurants to see what people order :) Maybe you’ll find a really nice place that serves amazing curry!

  • Oh dear, I shouldn’t reply to blogs before lunch :9 Everything looks amazingly yummy!!!!!!! :3!! It is hard to find a cheap japanese place with big portions!! Lucky find!!!

    • Hahaha I know right!? I tend to eat and reply at the same time nowadays hehe :)