Thai London Therapy Massage

Review: Thai massage and Facial at Thai London Therapy, Marlybone

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Thai London Therapy Massage
Thai London Therapy Massage

I received some spa vouchers a while back from work and thought I’d take my mum out for a pamper session when she came to visit me.

The vouchers were from Wahanda but you cannot use them to book through the site. Instead, you have to phone the spa up and have them enter you into their system. My first choice was fully booked for the Saturday I wanted and they were closed on Sunday. So I kept looking and found Thai London Therapy who have over 300 positive reviews. Can’t go wrong right? – wrong.

The manager missed my call but instantly called me back; that was good. She was very friendly on the phone and mentioned that she will text me the times for a Sunday booking as she was slightly busy. I didn’t mind, so I waited for her text message. After receiving her text, I instantly booked a facial for myself and Thai massage for mum at 3:30pm on the Sunday. However upon arrival they couldn’t find my booking in the system! I showed them my text conversation and the receptionist had to call her manager who was with a client till 3:45pm. So we waited till the call was made as mum and I did not want to trek all the way home to come out another day. Mum doesn’t even live in London! Anyway, the manager rung back and apologised about the missing booking. It turns out she was so busy, she totally forgot to put me in the system :( She offered me the service for a discount of £20 (£10 per person) which I thought was good since it’s over 20% off and booked me in for the session at 5pm. Mum and I ended up sitting for an hour in the café downstairs with a cup of tea and a Danish pastry. At least there was something to occupy us with!

First impressions weren’t great but mum and I are very patient people plus we really wanted the service. She was looking forward to the massage for a whole week! Lol.

The next thing I was a little confused with was when we entered our room, the two beds were laid out for massages and we were told to strip down (I know cos I watched Phoebe from friends hahaha), so I went back outside and said I wanted a facial not massage. The thai ladies were surprised and had to repeat what I asked for to confirm. After understanding that I booked one facial, one massage they later apologised and set up my side of the room properly.

The facial was nice, the products used seemed more hydrating and made my akin feel smooth. After checking in the mirror, my skin looked cleansed and brighter but clearly not clear of spots. The exfoliation process wasn’t long and thus made me think if any dirt was removed from my pores. From time to time my therapist would run her fingers along my face and exclaim “mmm very nice”, this made me feel weird but good in an odd way? However it did feel as if she was gonna eat me or something…

Hot Stones Therapy
Hot Stones Therapy

Mum mentioned her massage was relaxing and her therapist was very thorough. However they don’t really know where to apply pressure even when you tell them the spot. She really liked the hot stones they used to glide along your back. It was a very nice sensation.

All in all the experience was relaxing and enjoyable but I think we were both looking for something a little different.
I needed a deep cleanse more and possibly a dermalogica facial.

Have you had a spa treatment before? What do you think about facials at spas?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Despite of the manager forgetting to book the both of you for a session, it’s awesome that you got a discount and it’s even better since you got a voucher too.

    Maybe they could have done a better job with the exfoliation process and have it done a little longer.

    Despite of the both of you looking for something different, at least you have the experience of what this whole treatment feels like. I never went for a spa or facial before. I am curious to try it out though.

    • I thought they were going to turn us away! I would have flipped but if people talk to me nicely I’ll stay nice too ahaha.

      Yes I agree the exfoliation process could be more thorough or longer.

  • Wow! Yeah, spa treatments can either be really good or bad. It should’ve been thoroughly explained what you were getting. Sorry you had to go through that and them not booking your appointment properly. You and your mom definitely made the best of it. Glad you got everything at a discount and it was somewhat enjoyable. Excellent review!
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Pumpkin PaloozaMy Profile

    • Thank you Kim! :)

  • I never had a facial in a spa or anywhere else, but I’d really like to try :)
    And a massage too, if it’s not asking too much :p
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…B&W, again!My Profile

    • This was my first time! It was a relaxing experience but you have to be comfortable with strangers touching you.

      I want a massage now :P

  • btw, I like your new layout :)
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…B&W, again!My Profile

  • I’ve never been to a spa in my life. I hardly ever do anything to pamper myself. I’m not all that sure I would even like it because I’m a wimp and I’m a bit of a touch me not and the thought of strangers touching my bare skin makes my skin crawl LOL
    That is sucky how much went wrong but it’s a good thing you didn’t walk away completely bummed out by it.
    Ongaku recently posted…Halloween…sortaMy Profile

  • Hi Kekidoll, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Facials at spa are very beneficial as they can improve the immune system, aid in detoxification, reduce fluid build up in the body and aid in stress relief.

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