The Big Office Move!

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Over the weekend of the 12th October, we moved offices down the road so not far at all. The whole process took 4 days and I had to get the whole office involved to pack everything into crates that included their computers and drawers. It was a task left by my manager since she had the last week booked off work, so she wasn’t in to overlook and organise it; so I was in-charge.

This task was challenging since I had to send many emails to remind people what to do, where to go and organise people to pack and tidy communal areas as well as their own desks. The kitchen was the toughest to pack since people were still using plates and cups on the last day. At least most of them ate out or used the paper plates I provided. Only a few did not wash up which was annoying. The dishwasher wasn’t emptied either so I had to do that and rewash some items since they weren’t clean. (Why do dishwashers not clean very well? People don’t rinse dishes so I guess food is always stuck…) The kitchen took 3 hours to do since there were some appliances, lots of plates, mugs, glasses, cutlery etc. It was such a big task I was glad some of the girls helped me out!

I left the rest of the office to pack the meeting rooms, folders and asked one of the girls to pack the books at reception; there are so many unread books! Some individuals asked what they could do and helped out after they’ve done their own stuff, others just left after packing their desk and hadn’t even moved their box to one corner. Rude! I wasn’t able to pack my own computer since I was busy with everything else but luckily my colleague/senior helped do it for me :)


The whole process took more than 3 hours since I started two days earlier so I didn’t have to do everything in one day. It was fun and I was glad everyone came together as a team; apart from some lazy and selfish individuals…

The new office is approx 4 minutes away and is much bigger in size. We have a lot more meeting rooms and now even a fun room! Yay! The open plan office is smaller though due to our massive meeting rooms taking up the majority of the space, so we had to downsize our desks :( People sit much closer together now and there is no personal bubble space anymore. Its much harder to gossip or eat in peace! I kinda don’t like who I’m sitting with either *le sigh*

We all have settled in now but there are a few items that went missing so it has become a mini treasure hunt to find these things >_< Hehehe.

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    I like it nice view to look at while working.

  • That must have been a really hard work… But at least the new office is super cool :)
    (Although, I would have a problem with not having the “personal bubble”) :/
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Black&CamelMy Profile

  • That must have been a really hard work. But the new office is super cool :)
    (Although I would have a problem with not having the “personal bubble” :/)
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Black&CamelMy Profile

  • I think you did an AMAZING job! Oh WOW! I’ve experienced two office moves. Everyone was responsible for their own stuff, so it definitely got done. It’s ASHAME people are lazy and selfish when it comes to things like this. They know it’s a daunting task and everyone should pitch in to help. Your boss left the RIGHT person in charge! You handled it well and she will remember that when it’s time to be REWARDED! :)
    Kim of A Very Sweet Blog recently posted…Halloween Decorated Homes: New Orleans 2013My Profile

  • That sounds like a whole load of work, and it must be so weird to see your office empty! I couldn’t imagine seeing school empty — as in, without things like computers and the like. I’ve been there before when there haven’t been people and that’s weird enough…

    But at least you have more space, right ? And a fun room, too.

    Take care! xx

  • How much you were left with this task? Where were the office manager?

    Well done on getting it all done. Sounded like something super manic.

    You have great view from the space. Going to look great in the summer!
    Krystal recently posted…Indoor laundry solution for a small house or a flatMy Profile

    • It was just on the day to make sure everyone packed their desks into boxes. I did start packing some rooms on Wednesday so the task to finish the rest of the office wasn’t so daunting.

      We don’t have an office manager. The admin role never got filled as we’re apparently waiting on the lady on maternity leave to come back.

  • The new office looks really nice. I wish I could be sitting in front of a window right now but instead it’s like I’m in a prison because I’m next to the server room so we are behind passcode doors in the middle of the hospital. LOL I hope you guys enjoy your new space!
    ongaku recently posted…Halloween…sortaMy Profile

  • It must have been so much work for all of you guys! But the new office looks so much better! I must admit that I really love the view :)
    Melissa recently posted…New website!My Profile

  • My room is always a mess even though it’s also little. DX

    I would! The angry music technique is pretty damn effective, I’ll have you know.

    Take care! xx
    Georgia Kate recently posted…Now… Bring Me That HorizonMy Profile

  • Oh yeah moving isn’t easy! I had to help move to a new office in one of my old jobs! It took about 2 weeks and omg I hated it! But it did feel like to be in a bigger office. The only thing that sucked about when I moved was that my desk is so far away from everyone since I was used to be the receptionist there. I’m still alone in my new job now because I’m the only one with an office but at least I’m not that far from everyone! The new office looks soooo nice though! Wow! I wish our office looked like that!! My office is so drab and ugly that I wish I could repaint it!

  • Cat

    That’s good that the new office wasn’t too far, though moving is still a pain. It sounds like it’d be a stressful thing to be in charge of! I actually find that a big part of an effective dishwasher is the type of soap you use. I’ve tried different ones, and there are definitely some that are better at fighting stuck-on food.

    Your new office looks nice though! That’s too bad you have to sit closer together, but sometimes that makes working together easier :)
    Cat recently posted…Busy things latelyMy Profile

    • That is true, it’s no different than moving to another location further away. You still go through the same process.
      Hmm I’m not the one to order the groceries so I can’t decide on which dishwasher tablet we use. I do tend to wash or rinse my utensils before I place them in the dishwasher; I think it helps a lot.

      It is much nicer but the open plan area is smaller. Ah well.