Christmas Cheer

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Christmas was filled with lots of delicious food with the family. We had a massive feast with roasted pork, bbq ribs, deep fried wontons, steak, chicken, duck and vegetables. Om nom nom!

Yummy Feast

All the family came down and we all filled our stomachs with meat and dessert. I had fun decorating the cheesecake with little Santas and ice cream.
Cute little strawberry santas

We all exchanged presents after dinner. Some of my little cousins got spoilt with presents!
The little one couldn't hold all her presents!!

I also did a lot of shopping in the Christmas sales and bought so many new jumpers plus a new Fiorelli bag! It’s so pretty ^^
My new Fiorelli bag!

I also got to meet up with my friend, Eva, who moved down to Australia! Its been so long. She’s very well and has found a flat to rent! From the photos she showed me it looked really spacious and had an amazing view. It comes with two beds and two bathrooms (err why?! Lol guess no need to have a bathroom schedule xD). Now I need to save up for that holiday!! Eva also gave me really sweet handmade bracelets and a kawaii keyring! Love them ^^
I was very blessed this Christmas and had a lot of fun on my time off ^^ How was your Christmas?

A happy new year to you all!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Keki how awesome you spent your Christmas and the food and dessert I was savory it looks that delicious how sweet was your Christmas. Happy Holiday my friend.

  • Looks likes you had such a wonderful xmas!! Don’t you love it when it’s cross fusion with all the Christmas delights and then you got some wontons in there?? :D
    I love the culture these days. Your xmas gifts are beautiful, seems suiting! :) Glad you had such an awesome Christmas spent with family!

  • Awe! Look at the little Santa strawberries! I love your handmade bracelets from Eva! They are so cute!
    Kerri recently posted…Happy Christmas, Harry!My Profile

  • Cat

    Oh wow, that’s so much food! That sounds like a great way to spend Christmas :) The photo of your little cousin is funny. That pile of gifts looks bigger than she is!

    I love the bag you got, and the bracelets your friend made are so cute! My Christmas was filled with food and gifts too :) Have a happy new year!

  • Oh my goodness, all that food looks and sounds delicious! And I cannot get over that you had wontons. I love wontons and it’s not a food I would think to eat for Christmas but it’s delicious all the same! We had I guess what is considered traditional Christmas fare: ham and potatoes and green beans and all that. It was all very good.

    The cheesecake santa is so cute! I made a bunch of Christmas cookies, but most of them just looked like regular cookies except for the ones I added green dye to. We have a cookie press that has tree shapes and wreath shapes, but they didn’t all turn out so some of them just looked like blobs. :P

    Merry Christmas and have a great new year!
    Becca recently posted…I’ll Take that Extra CookieMy Profile

    • Hahaha! My family never has a traditional Christmas. I actually prefer it since it’s boring how every household will have the same food. I like to be different :)
      People should just enjoy the company and eat whatever they want!

      Have a happy new year!!

  • Deep fried wontons! you got me craving now!! Looks like you had a great xmas:)
    I love reading all these blogs lol the majority of what people have been raving about on xmas is definitely the food haha I posted about food myself! That little girl is just precious she’s so cute!!

    Hope you have a wonderful new year girl!!!

    XOXO. <3

  • that is awesome you had a good Christmas. I hope you also have a Happy New Year!

  • That Fiorella bag is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great Christmas (and your relatives are adorable!) Have a happy new year too!
    Vivian recently posted…On Being Just Poor EnoughMy Profile

  • Thanks for sharing your Christmas photos~! The food ones are making me hungry :D And your presents are so cute!

    And now it’s 2014! I wish you the best in this new year :)
    Tara recently posted…Khaos Komix Kickstarter GoodiesMy Profile

  • Food! and Gifts!! Favorite things this holiday season. Happy new year! :)
    veron recently posted…2013 Wrap UpMy Profile

  • Sounds like you had a wonderful christmas! :) The Fiorella bag is lovely!

    By the way, happy new year!
    Melissa recently posted…PerfumeMy Profile