Christmas Wishes

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Professor Truman's Magical Laboratory
Professor Truman’s Magical Laboratory Show

Tomorrow is our staff Christmas party and we will be celebrating it in Brick Lane. The email about the venue sounds very cool. They are turning the Old Truman Brewery into a magical laboratory where performers, special concoction and fun galore will all come together. I can’t wait! I’ll be wearing the same dress I wore for my birthday because I want to get the most wear out of it! Hehe.

Red floral dress I wore for my birthday
Red floral dress I wore for my birthday

We will also be hosting our little secret Santa exchange tomorrow as well.

Christmas Tree
Our office Christmas Tree with presents underneath :)

Have you all completed your Christmas shopping yet? I certainly haven’t! For my close friends from school I bought mango vodka and baked a cupcake for them each.  They went down well ^.^ I’ve already bought a gift for one of my housemates and part of one for the other. As for my family I don’t know where to begin!! I’ve told them that we’ll shop in the Christmas sales for their presents. I’m finding it harder to find presents this year for some reason…

I started a little Christmas wish list which I spotted a lot of bloggers have been doing so I thought I’d jump on the band wagon! What do you think? It’s a lot of things for my nonexistent home. (Maybe I should put a house on my wish list…)

Cosmic Projector
Laser Cosmos Projector – For making the ceiling all pretty before dozing off to dream land
Voodoo Knife Block Set
Voodoo Knife Block – To make cooking in the kitchen a little more fun :)
Unicorn Slippers
Magical Unicorn Slippers – To inject some magical goodness on my feet
Totoro Print
Cute Totoro Print – To cover my bare walls

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Enjoy your staff Christmas party you look beautiful in your birthday red dress also love the unicorn slipper. Cool Christmas tree in office.

  • I like the idea of having a Christmas Wish List – I used to do this when I was little, and would mark what I really wanted with two stars (and yes I would make a note of it to my dad and Grandma), and what I wanted with one star. Easy way to let them know the things of what I really wanted when the economy was really good. But I do like the Voodoo kitchen knife set. I wouldn’t have it, as my idea of a kitchen theme and its living room would be Oriental (though I didn’t get that wish last year – one day though!).

    Have a wonderful time at your Christmas party! I haven’t been invited to any this year – except to my boyfriend’s mom’s house on Christmas. I have yet to meet her so we’ll see how that goes. I think it’ll be okay, since the nerves will only be there for awhile, and it’s Christmas so more merry people the less nerves I’ll have.
    Jamie recently posted…Finders KeepersMy Profile

  • I have always wanted that cosmic light thing, I remember my friend had one and I was so jealous. But sounds like everything has been perfectly christmas-y for you! I hope the work party goes well, your dress is cute!
    Jess recently posted…03 Surviving First YearMy Profile

  • elisa
  • It’s always nice to have a Christmas in handy. There were a few Christmases when I was a kid were I got the same present twice. It wasn’t intentional mind you, just happened. So from that point on I started making two separate lists. :).

    I’m sure that the Christmas party will be fun, as there will be my boyfriend’s younger siblings there, and no one will be nervous or even think about being nervous. Everyone will be happy, opening presents, and the like. So I know the nerves will be there for a while, but after that it’ll go away.
    Jamie recently posted…Christmas is approachingMy Profile

  • Cat

    Your staff Christmas party sounds fun! I hope you have a good time there :) Ours is this week too, except on Saturday. Our work is doing a 70s theme, so I’m wondering how many people will dress up for it.

    I’m definitely not done with Christmas shopping D: I’m having problems thinking of ideas for family members. Some people are hard to shop for! I think everyone needs to make wish lists, haha. I love the unicorn slippers and Totoro print on yours!
    Cat recently posted…Big Island, part 2My Profile

  • That dress is perfect for your office’s Christmas party :)
    The vodoo knife block would be such a funny gift xD
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…my kind of joy & hellen’s XVMy Profile

  • I love the red dress you wore on your birthday looks great! Have fun on the christmas party!
    Just followed your blog!

    Much love xxx
    Christina recently posted…Being an Assistant at a Photoshoot: My ExperiencesMy Profile