Confessions of a Blogger

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It’s Christmas tomorrow! *cue excitement and cheer* I had a post all written up but somehow my WordPress app decided to give it an error and lose it during a refresh =.= *annoyed look*

Anyway, seeing as it’s the festive season I will not allow this to bring my joy down. Even though I’ve given up on re-writing the post about what my plans are for Christmas (I guess I’ll just show you lot at a later date instead) or a tutorial on my Christmas nails (see my instagram pic), I haven’t throw the Christmas Eve post away. Instead I’ve noticed many bloggers have been tagged to write this ‘Confessions of a Blogger’ post so I thought I’d answer the questions myself!

When did you first start blogging and why?
I started blogging around 2000/2001 since I started a written diary, but never kept it up to date with my life events. I wanted somewhere accessible that I can easily show friends and family or someone to find when I’m gone or wanted to know more about me (slightly morbid but hey!).

Have you had any past online presence?
Yes, prior to I had kept numerous online blogs on various free domains. I was very active on Gaia, a forum with a large creative, anime and gaming community.

When did you become serious about your blog?
I had been blogging on and off and usually just reposted a lot of q&a posts before. It was only since 2011 when I decided to get my own domain that represented myself to blog on a constant basis about my life. I think I blog a lot more now that I’ve moved out to London.

What was your first blog post?
I actually don’t remember! It might have been a “hello world” post about my new blog :)

What have been your biggest challenges blogging?
Finding things to blog about and making it interesting.

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
Finding new blogs via comments and able to keep going for so long.

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
Not getting comments as often but numbers ain’t all that. Its the comments that having meaning that matter.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
Blogging about interesting things I’ve done or eaten in London.

What is your blogging dirty little secret?
I don’t believe I have one.

What is your current goal as a blogger?
Blog regularly and to review a lot more items.

Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise?
That I like nail art and to try different designs. It can be a challenge to do!

I hope you enjoyed this. If you want to answer these questions then feel free. I tag you!

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great question and answers
    Keki Merry Christmas may it be filled with happiness and laughter for you and yours.

  • Merry Christmas Keki! Have a joyful day with family and friends :)

  • I like reading about how other bloggers came to blog. It’s always interesting. I think every WordPress user has had a disapearing post at some point when using the app. I get stuck posts that won’t publish but won’t delete either.

    Happy Holidays!
    Kirsten recently posted…I hate gift wrapping. Merry Christmas!My Profile

    • Oh how annoying!! Mine just go walkies so I’ll have to rewrite it but I find it reads better when I rewrite it haha

    • Thanks for your comment ^^

      I think it’s that void we all have when we feel lazy or don’t know what to write… I feel I have boring days when nothing happens haha.

      Oh I tried to visit your blog but I get a 404 error :O Is it down?

  • I love your nails! I can’t stay steady enough to create any kind of nail art. :p I know what you mean about not getting a lot of comments is discouraging. I notice that I have more motivation to blog if I get any comments that are actually meaningful. It just shows that there are people out there who care about what you write, you know?

    Kerri recently posted…Happy Christmas, Harry!My Profile

  • I really liked this post,
    And I totally agree that it is not the number of comments, but theirs quality that counts :)
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…have a holly jolly Christmas!My Profile

  • Kya

    That was really cool to read. It’s interesting to see the facts behind a blog/blogger.

    I have been a member of Gaia for a while, and I am still there. xD
    Kya recently posted…Merry Christmas 2013My Profile