My Office Christmas Party

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We had our Staff Christmas Party on Friday after work. We went to Professor Truman’s Magical Laboratory in Brick Lane. It was really hyped up and everyone was expecting a spectacular show filled with magic, potions and dramatic lights. However we were disappointed with “lab rats” (people dressed in lab coats) playing poi and the a “robot” built by the mad professor just jiggying his bum. Errr I think you will find that I know friends who can play poi better and even with fire (yes health and safety I know), but if I had a robot on stage I would expect it to breakdance and not just bop to the beat then release some steam towards the ceiling from it’s guns. My table wasn’t very happy about the show provided – short and not exciting.


The food was edible but not great at all. On paper it sounded lovely…

  • Starter: Oven roasted cranberry chutney and brie tart (v)
  • Main: Oven roasted succulent breast of chicken, cooked in an infusion of fresh thyme, rosemary and farmhouse butter, served with creamy garlic and parmesan mash potatoes and freshly roasted honey glazed winter vegetables
  • Dessert: Chocolate caramel truffle laced with a raspberry and chilli coulis

However what we got was a cold cheese tart (the sauce was nice though), chicken on a bed of mashed potato with vegetables (tasted fake, cheap and vegetables were bitter) and lastly a chocolate vanilla pudding with wild berry compote (there wasn’t enough chocolate flavour and the berry sauce was too bitter/tangy, thus not a great pairing). Even the vegetarian meal took 20 minutes to serve, after bringing it to their attention our party needed 7 veggie meals; apparently we didn’t notify in advance and they didn’t have enough food. I was told the vegetarian meal was cold and tasteless, so instead of giving bs about how they don’t have enough to serve, why couldn’t they at least heat up the food?! Sorry for sounding all ‘Come Dine with Me’ style whining but we paid £80 per person for this event and the Fun Committee had to organise it 6 months before. So everyone’s expectations were high and wanted it to trump our last Christmas party.


The entertainment provided wasn’t so bad. There was a photo booth, casino tables, arcade games and a batak board. I always like photobooths. They are always so much fun ^^


The disco was boring. They hadn’t even kitted out the room; just filled it with smoke. Surly they could have hung some Christmas decorations up and placed a cool dance floor. The music at the beginning was too old school for me to know what the song was. It wasn’t until I had to leave (last train home) that the Christmassy ones came on =.= Oh well.


Despite all that I still had a good time with my work friends and got quite tipsy drunk lol. Couldn’t really walk in my heels, thank goodness that I brought my flats along!

How were all your Christmas parties? If you haven’t had your yet, are you looking forward to it?

On another note, I launched my online shop! I am also holding a big giveaway where you can win a large Molang Bunny (pictured). See details to enter here: Kekiko’s Grand Opening Christmas Giveaway

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Cool party you look very pretty love the dress. The food looks awesome hope you had an amazing time.

  • elisa
  • Looking good hun! Can’t really see the shoes but they seem to be wedged boots? I have bad eyesight but those are something I would totally wear and your rocking them. Glad you had fun!!
    Aaliyah recently posted…Checklist: Newborn EssentialsMy Profile

  • What a shame about the rubbish food. That’s always the best part of any event — followed by the entertainment. ;) At least you managed to have a good time all the same! I would have just complained like the ray of sunshine that I am. :P

    Take care! xx

  • Joy

    I’m torn how to feel about your party.
    IT sounds like things could have been a lot better but at the same time it seem fun because it was a party. The only party I’ve ever been to was my own wedding reception lol. That’s actually pretty sad, haha!

    In other news…YOUR SHOP IS SO CUTE! Just shut up and take my money! lol No, seriously, I thinking I’m going to purchase myself something with the approval of my dear husband.

    And to answer your question, yes, my husband reads by blog and he felt like he had just learned the secrets of the world lol. I think he kind of understood me after posting it so that’s good. And we do eventually get through our issues. I’m slowly learning to open up. I’m just so dang shy!
    Joy recently posted…A Married FightMy Profile

  • I’m so sorry that your work chipped you out a could’ve been great Christmas party. I am really sorry that these people did this to you. Do they not understand the term “CHRISTMAS”? I mean what does a Robot have to do with Christmas? I just don’t understand, and probably never will.

    I’ll be opening up my own shop starting next month (hopefully). I have some ideas that I would like to create with crafts, and I have a feeling that it may sell and if not — can always try later. I’ll check out your give away, though the Iphone case wouldn’t do me much justice — I don’t have an iphone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I could’ve gotten the Iphone, but I didn’t like the way it felt. So yeah — I’ll still check it out nonetheless.

    I’m sorry again for a major disappointment in your Christmas party. I guess you can say my Christmas party will be at my boyfriend’s moms house. It is her birthday on Christmas. First time meeting her as well.
    Jamie recently posted…Christmas is approachingMy Profile

  • You look wonderful in the picture! :) It’s a shame about the food though :( The party would have been complete if the food was good as well. It does seems like you had fun besides the food part ;)

    I joined your giveaway, I also really am in love with your webshop :)

    • Aww thank you Melissa! I agree, I love food so it’s sad that I didn’t get to eat good food :(

      Good luck in the giveaway!

  • Awe, I’m sorry the food wasn’t good! It does sound tasty when reading it, though. You look awesome in the photo though! Those products for the giveaway are super cute! :)
    Kerri recently posted…my heartbeat crescendoed.My Profile

    • Thanks Kerri! Try your luck and enter the competition! I’ve left a widget in the sidebar <3

    I collect toys and I’m such a sucker for soft toys and animals. I NEED TO ENTER THIS COMPETITION! :O

    I have never heard of that place in Bricklane (I only go there for curry) and to be honest, I’ll only visit Bricklane in the summer when I can actually walk around without a coat. I had my second year exhibition there once (at Truman Brewary), it’s a nice area, but definitely not in the cold.

    I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to vegetarian meals because yes, they do get served cold sometimes…and sometimes it looks like no effort goes into it. I always order vegetarian meals during plane journeys (because I guess I get fresher food like salads and fruits), but the main meal is always shit and it is always something like beans with curry, more curry with rice, veg curry with rice! Anyway, Christmas dinners are crap sometimes…!

    • GO JOIN SARA! <3

      The Truman Brewery is a venue companies can hire out to hold corporate events or any sort of event to the public. I've been here for Hyper Japan and Creative Fairs before. This event was only made for Christmas. There is so much bric-a-brac in Shoreditch it's so good, but yes it's nicer to walk around and be able to sit outside in the summer!

      I'm so glad I'm not a vegetarian! I don't think I could! I usually eat the sides of my meal on planes and only half the main because it stinks LOL

  • What a fancy Christmas party :p
    I’m glad you had fun, even though the party wasn’t perfect!
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…CHRISTMAS SERIES: FANCYMy Profile

  • Cat

    You guys look great! That’s too bad that the party was kind of disappointing, and having cold food is pretty bad. That last robot photo looks cool though, haha. I’m glad you still had a good time!

    Our Christmas party was 70s themed and a lot of people got into it :) We had a live band and gambling games, but it wasn’t much different from past parties.

    • Your party sounds lovely!

  • Sounds and looks like a blast! Flats are really heroes during these times. Haha. Clever of you to bring some with you. Enjoy the holiday season.
    veron recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile

    • Yes! They can be feet saviours!

      Have a lovely Christmas!

  • Hi Keki,

    I am actually the person that organised the event at Truman and I am sorry that the event did not live up to your expectations and I thank you for your comments, and take these on board and will try and remedy these for future events. This was our first year experimenting with this unique warehouse space and we did not get things 100% right but we will.

    On the flip side the event that you attended in 2012 that you had a brillaint time at, was actually run by Awesome Events as well so you can see what we are able to achieve :-)

    Cheers and have a great 2014


    • Hi Denis,

      Many thanks for your comment! I’m sure Awesome Christmas will be able to deliver a much more successful Magical Laboratory this year seeing that I really enjoyed the Big Top Circus event in 2012 :)

      Good Luck!