Nail Art Tutorial: Polka Dot Nails

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I wore these polka dot nails two weeks ago to test out my new Barry M White nail polish. I’ve had many positive comments ever since and many of my friends thought they were nail stickers!

If you would like to get the look yourself just read on!

– white nail varnish
– pink nail varnish
– base coat
– top coat

1. Paint a layer of base coat to protect your nails from discolouring.
2. Choose a light base colour for your nails, I chose white.
3. Pick a polka dot colour, I selected pink.
4. Scrape most of the varnish off the brush and only leave a small amount on it to work with.
Tip: If your varnish comes with a large brush, just dab some varnish on a plate and use a cotton bud or toothpick with blutack on the end as your dotting tool.
5. Start with one diagonal dotted line.

6. Then work your way diagonally to create the polka dot effect.
7. Seal with a top coat. Then clean up edges with a cotton bud soaked in varnish remover.

Voila! You’re done ^___^

I hope your enjoyed this tutorial, let me know in the comments below what other art you would like me to try out or recreate. Tune in next time for more simple nail art!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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