Review: 3D Nail Embellishments

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Whilst shopping for Christmas presents I came across these 3D nail embellishments from Primark. They were inexpensive and had a lot of colours in the range, I really wanted to try them out! I bought one with iridescent beads and a hot pink nail varnish.

Pretty Candy Beads
Pretty Candy Beads

The nail varnish color really stands out and is long wearing; so you could just use it on its own. The beads turn out to look like bubbles or little candy beads on your nails -very cute.

Funnel to pour beads back
Comes with a cute funnel

The whole process was easy to do and took only about half an hour to 40 minutes to complete. Basically when you apply your second coat, pour the beads to the wet varnish before it dries and leave it for 15-20 minutes to set. The nail set also comes with a mini funnel to pour all the unused beads back into the jar :)

Hot Pink Nail Varnish
Love this Hot Pink Nail Varnish

I got a little impatient and started using my hands again and did the washing up. So the edges aren’t covered no more. So to keep them fully covered I would suggest to watch TV whilst using this product.

The beads do tend to fall out over the course of the week so do be careful with children or when eating.
If you want the embellishments to last longer without falling out put a top coat on; the instructions don’t tell you to do this but i tried it on one nail and found that one has all the beads still intact compared to the other nails.
I found the beads tend to catch on woolly clothing; making my new scarf unhappy. Maybe something to time for the summer time?

If possible, I would try to form little bow decals with the beads but this would require some stencils; I will look into it and experiment!

Would you try these nail embellishments?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great tutorial you did an amazing job its beautiful perfect for this season.

    • Thank you Jackie!

  • I’ve been wanting to try this type of nail look, but I’m too shaky. :P I am definitely loving the color that you chose.
    Jessica recently posted…Christmas Theme and Other NewsMy Profile

    • You should!! They’re fun to do but maybe as decoration or on one nail ^^ Good Luck!

  • I don’t paint my nails often but those look so cute! :) I’m not really a fan of too many details on your nails but that seems pretty easy to do – I probably would try it out! :D
    Dory recently posted…drifting apartMy Profile

    • Yup! It’s a very easy DIY kit ^^