Tiko’s Birthday at Big Easy

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Prawns, Crab, Squid Seafood Platter!
Our Starters

Besides going to Bodeans, Tiko had decided to hold a second party with his closer group of friends at Big Easy near Sloane Square. This is an Southern American diner type foodie place that serves lobster and different types of barbecued meats.

Ribs and Prawns
Delicious Ribs!

We had pre-ordered our meal beforehand since we were a large party of 11 people. There was a mixture of meat and seafood being served on higher platters; it was so overwhelming! We devoured all the squid, prawns, mussels and prawn crackers that came first as we were all so hungry only to find that they were the starters.

After almost filling my belly I tried to leave room for my mains which came in massive platters filled with ribs, chicken and prawns slathered in bbq sauce. The second platter came with a selection of seafood, including lobster, prawns, crabs and more mussels. We also had four huge baskets of chips, coleslaw and also a bowl of baked beans. Mmmmm yum yum!

Chicken Wings and Squid Platter
Chicken Wings and Squid Platter

Everyone had very satisfied bellies and I had to roll out the restaurant. There was just so much food!

My food bill came to £40 (approx.) I think this was reasonable considering that I did eat quite a bit. However due to the nature of the food devoured (mostly meats) I think it could have been slightly cheaper. Well since everyone ended up sharing the platters they had ordered it was harder to actually split the food and the bill. So I didn’t mind. It was a birthday celebration after all ^^

Would you have been able to devoured this amount of food with your group of friends?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    You have amazing friends the food looks outstanding and delicious. Celebrate girl until you cannot celebrate no more its your special day.

  • oh those ribs look soooo good! I’m practically drooling staring at my screen right now lol. The platter looks good too! I love finger foods! You got me craving for some Bubba Gump now! Photos remind me of it!
    Aaliyah recently posted…Online Shopping, Site, Pregnancy & Phone ThemeMy Profile

    • Hahaha! It’s hard to photograph everything before people dig in. I feel bad for depriving of others of their food x3 #lifeofafoodblogger

      Just Googled Bubba Gump. Looks amazing!!

  • That amount of food is insane, I don’t think I have enough friends to even invite out with that amount of food. But I am glad you enjoyed it, it does look quite delicious!
    Jess recently posted…02 Surviving First YearMy Profile

    • I knooooooow! There was so much! I’m surprised we managed to consume most of it. I eneded up taking a good portion home…

  • Joy

    Oh gosh! Everything looks so good. Even the seafood and I don’t like seafood.
    Joy recently posted…Baby Steps and Many ThanksMy Profile

  • elisa

    I am so hungry after reading this post!
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    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

  • Cat

    Wow, those platters are huge! It all looks delicious though :D My friends and I used to eat a ton and go to all-you-can-eat BBQ places. I’m not sure if we could finish all of that now, haha.
    Cat recently posted…Big Island, part 1My Profile

  • I’m so so so sorry that this comment is a little late! Happy birthday to Tiko (or belated?). That is a lot of food! I don’t think I can eat that much and be able to sleep afterwards! Ha!

    I never knew it was just an American tradition. I thought it was world wide? I guess you do learn something every day!!!

    I managed to bag a few more deals on Cyber Monday for my boyfriend’s Christmas present. He already knows what they are and they’re Electronic Books (which he had to pick out). Ah well – I know the other three gifts he’s getting from his grandma this year. I helped her with one gift as he wanted another hoodie but a lighter grey color. So I helped her out with that.

    I’ve gotten to use my jacket a couple of times already! I don’t dare wear that just around the house! That is more for outdoors and going places. I did get one more gift from the Grandma a bit early – a new set of pajama’s. I felt bad that she spent money on me some more and gave it to me early – but I needed a new pair and thought I would never get one! Kohl’s right now is having a good deal – not sure if you have one were you live?
    Jamie recently posted…Shopping and great dealsMy Profile

    • That’s alright Jamie, thank you for your birthday wishes. He had a lovely time :)
      Yes we had so much left over! I had to roll out the restaurant haha!

      Well Thanks Giving is a national holiday celebrated in America and Canada :) It had only recently been commercialised so companies could gain much more out of sales – everyone loves a bargain.

      I like new PJs, they’re so comfy hehe! I woul dhave to research online to find a Kohl’s but there may be one!