2013: A Year Review

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How is everybody’s new year so far? Mine is good so far. We just started the work week again, but I still feel that tired sluggish self in the mornings since I’ve been going to bed late during the holidays. I think one of my resolutions should be to sleep and wake early, but due to this technology advanced century, I’m constantly on the internet…

Anyway I would like to review the past year with the photos I posted on Instagram and also stored on my phone. My phone and Instagram account mark a year anniversary for me since they are a year old now ^^ How exciting! Here are my most memorable moments of 2013.

Pulling Crackers before the New Year
Pulling Crackers before the New Year :)
Purikura for New Year!
Purikura for New Year!

January 2013
This was the first New Years I had to spend away from home. I had recently moved to London for my new job and had to work. With the annoying train times I decided to move back early to avoid not being able to get back. I was glad my housemate invited me to her mum’s so I wasn’t alone ^^

Karaoke, Valentines, Chinese New Year
Karaoke, Valentines, Chinese New Year

February 2013
I celebrated Chinese New Year at my ex’s place. We played Space Team and this old school gambling game. There was also a karaoke party for CNY that I went to. We all sung to our hearts content and I’d never forget how Sue had threw up all over me when I was looking after her drunk-self. >.<

Holiday in Hong Kong and Macau
Holiday in Hong Kong and Macau

March 2013
I went on holiday to Hong Kong with my brother and friend Joanna. We had a wonderful time and I also visited Macau to see the cathedral walls. I also got to see my wifey, where we went to a Korean BBQ buffet and also a beach BBQ. I had bought a LOT back and it was all for meeee! First time when I didn’t have to buy souvenirs :D

My farewell for Eva and Fun Committee Go Karting Event
My farewell for Eva and Fun Committee Go Karting Event

April 2013
I joined the Fun Committee and started to help plan many big events, this months being Go Karting!! My good friend Eva also was leaving UK to immigrate to Australia :'(

MCM Expo
MCM Expo

May 2013
This was the first time I shared a table space at MCM Expo. I had a lot of fun and gained experience on how to sell to customers plus trends on the market. This allowed me to start up my future business.

Kaichi 2013
Kaichi 2013

June 2013
I met a bunch of lovely friends during my week at Kaichi whom I still try to keep in touch with. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to join again this year! O Genki desu yo~~!

Hyper Japan and Manchester Expo
Hyper Japan and Manchester Expo

July 2013
I went to Manchester for the first time with Jo and Patrick to attend the MCM Expo I play on DDR for most of the afternoon. Another event I attended was Hyper Japan! There were so many Kawaii items as well as Japanese culture surrounding me! Here I got my first Arpakkasso Alpaca ^^

Yellow Belt in TKD, Mum up in London and Carboot Sale
Yellow Belt in TKD, Mum up in London and Carboot Sale

August 2013
My cousin and I held our first Carboot Sale. It was really fun and we managed to clear out a lot of wardrobe space! To round it off, Mum also came up to London for a visit. We went around London eating and drinking.

Bike Riding in Derby and Alton Towers
Bike Riding in Derby and Alton Towers

September 2013
I went on a lovely weekend away to the Peak District with my Kaichi friends. We went bike riding but as we got lost, we ended up riding for a good 8 hours! Everyone couldn’t really walk the next day! The Kaichi lot also planed a weekend up to Alton Towers. Although it was a cold day we all enjoyed it to the max!

MCM Expo the beginning of Kekiko
MCM Expo the beginning of Kekiko

October 2013
We moved offices this month to somewhere larger with a fun room to play games in! I also attended a Halloween party where I dressed up as a Black Cat ^^ Kekiko was also born and debuted at MCM Expo.

Birthdays and Foodilicous Galore
Birthdays and Foodilicous Galore

November 2013
There were a lot of birthdays this month, one being mine! I ate lots and ended up getting really fat! Storing energy for the winter! *pokes her chubby cheeks*

Winter Wonderland, Birthdays, Chrismas Party!
Winter Wonderland, Birthdays, Chrismas Party!

December 2013
This was an eventful month filled with Christmas parties, Winter Wonderland, joy and cheer. It ended with a shebang at Jo’s house for teppanyaki, karaoke and playing Just Dance into the early hours of 2014.

Ahh the memories!! Here’s to a joyful and prosperous 2014! Cheers everyone!

Warm Wishes,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Sue

    So much memories last year ^^ <3
    And in feb haha ^^" thank you so much for that night!! Wiskey is off the drinks list for me xD

    • I knoooooow! Glad I met you lot ^^
      Hahaha that was a hilarious night! I still had fun :P Are we gonna go karaoke again for CNY?? xxx

  • Jackie Harrison

    Keki you get to participate and be part of so many cool event and the pictures look awesome.

    • Hehe Thanks Jackie :) I think I’m blessed to be able to attend so many of these events :)

  • Awesome post, great idea to do a Year in Review.

    You done so much this year! Hope you will have another great year :D
    Krystal recently posted…A long well deserved breakMy Profile

  • Awesome idea for a blog post! So much adventurous and busy year for you. Hope 2014 will be another awesome year for you.
    Krystal recently posted…A long well deserved breakMy Profile

    • Thanks Krystal! You can do the same too :) I wanted to take a look back and see what I’ve done in a year :o

  • This is awesome :D I very much like the scrapbooking style of the photos :) Seems like you had a wonderful 2013, I hope 2014 is better for you! <3
    Misaki recently posted…The Work ZombieMy Profile

    • Thanks sweetie!! I wanted to get as much in without making the post too long hehehe :) xxx

  • Lovely pictures dear…

    Have a nice time whatever you do…

    chadlen recently posted…Golden Globes – Red CarpetMy Profile

  • So many good memories you had in 2013! I really enjoyed reading your post and watching your photos! :) I think that 2014 will be a great year for you! :)

    • Thanks Melissa!! I hope it will too ^^ Lets all have fun in 2014 :)

  • Looks like you madr some great memories this past year, hope this year is great for you :)

    Christel recently posted…Red TartanMy Profile

  • sounds and looks like you had a great year!!!! here’s hoping 2014 is even more awesome for you :)

    Vodka and Soda
    kathy @ vodka and soda recently posted…Shit Men DoMy Profile

  • This kind of posts/reviews are awsome for us to remind ourselves what the best things in life are :)

    Bárbara Marques recently posted…radiant orchid with sheinsideMy Profile

  • Cat

    I tried the sleep and wake up early resolution once and… I totally couldn’t do it! I just like staying up late too much, haha.

    That’s great that you spent so much time with friends in 2013 and that you got to do a bit of traveling! It looks like you had a really fun year! I remember your blog entries for many of these events :) I hope you have an awesome 2014!
    Cat recently posted…Home decor – small first stepMy Profile

    • OMG I know what you mean!! I’ve been heading to sleep at 1-2am in the mornings cos I end up watching dramas or playing games on the computer…

      Yeah I guess ever since moving to London I’ve been able to hang out a lot more with my group of friends but granted, the Londoners haven’t really be organising any outings lately. I must catch up with them all! I’m so glad that you’re one of my loyal readers, I hope that I will continue to write more posts that you’ll enjoy reading this year ^^