Chinese New Year 2014

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Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year is the Horse today. I wish everyone a joyful year with lots of fortune and eventful adventures!

Got sent this from housemate. (I dont own it)

I celebrated it early with my family last week, we had a great with 8 dishes, soup and rice. There was pork, crabs, fish, vegetables, ribs, squid and chicken. So yummy! We chowed down or dinner post quickly so I didn’t get a chance to pap a photo!
Happy Chinese New Year From Keki (excuse my terrible painting, still practising)

I gave the house a quick clean yesterday to welcome the New Year – a tradition every household does. I hadn’t realised my room had accumulated so much first and mould but the window! The whole process took me two hours! I also drew a new year picture but I didn’t like how I coloured it. I need more practice!
We're all gonna be colour belts soon!

Today I actually had a mock grading for my TKD lesson. In a couple weeks time, I’ll hopefully become a green belt! I’m still unsure if I can do well though since I’m finding it hard to have control and release power… However I need to try some my partner will be grading and it’ll be very hard to find a new partner to work with; kinda like dancing.
Edit: I passed my mock grading so now I know what I need to focus on to do better in the real one!

Tomorrow Sue has invited me and some friends to go to a buffer for lunch so we can stuff ourselves crazy! I’ll review the place later. I’ve had a look at the photos and it already looks amazing!
Some cool sushi stuff

Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Will you be going to see the celebrations this weekend?

With Love,
Kekidoll xxx

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Happy Chinese New Year may it bring fortune to you and yours.

    • Thank You Jackie!

  • Cat

    Happy Chinese New Year! Cleaning the house is a good idea for the new years. I need to do that too :)

    Congrats on passing your mock grading! Good luck on the real one!

    Whoaa there’s so many desserts in that food photo. They look tasty! I celebrated Chinese New Year with a homemade Chinese dinner with my parents :)
    Cat recently posted…Winter projectsMy Profile