Nail Art Tutorial: Paw Prints

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These paw print nails are so easy to do and you require no professional tools at all! Simple, cute and fun!

Paw Print Nails

Mix and match colours to create different looks and match outfits. It’s like a cute puppy or kitty walked over your nails!

Read on to follow the tutorial!

What you will need:
– 2 nail varnish colours
– Toothpick (optional)

1) Cover your nails in a clear base coat to protect them from staining.
2) Paint your nails with a base colour of your choice. I chose a white base.
3) Pick a second colour that will show up on top of your base colour. Wipe most of the varnish off the brush and only keep a little blob on the end. Carefully dab a medium dot in the corner of your nail. This will form the middle of the paw. If this is too hard to control then use a toothpick with a little bit of varnish on.
4) Dab three more little dots in a semicircle along the top of your medium one. You should now have a paw print!
5) You can add more paw prints on the nail if you wish, it’s up to you!

See how easy that was? Now its your turn! Will you try this nail art? Show me on Twitter by tagging @kekidoll.

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Great job love the color choices and the art.

    • Thanks Jackie! ^^

  • Amy

    These look great, and really easy to do. I bet I’d still fail though, I can hardly paint my nails properly without any fancy designs haha. Nail polish would be everywhere.

    Lovely colour choice by the way!

    Amy recently posted…Einstein Doesn’t Specialise in Children’s ToysMy Profile

    • Hehehe, thanks Amy! I’m sure with practice you’ll be able to do nail art. It doesn’t matter if the base coat is messy. You can just use cotton buds and nail varnish remover! xxx

  • Ileana

    OMG! This is adorable! Love it ^^


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  • They are very cute! I’m trying to do it but I’m not very good haha.
    Anyway I added you to my affies: :)
    Valerie recently posted…Jungle Island and Dolphin MallMy Profile

    • Awww you must let me see!

      I think I’ll try some panda nails next ahaha.

      Thank you!! X

  • Those are cute! I will have to give it a try sometime. Though painting my nails in my line of work is a bit of a waste of time. cries, I wish I could have painted nails all the time. XD
    Ongaku recently posted…21-Day Tummy Part 2My Profile

    • They’re so simple and easy to do! You can paint the for a special occasion :)

  • Cat

    Cute nails! I like the paw print idea :) Unfortunately, I don’t paint my nails anymore because I don’t like to keep up with it, haha.
    Cat recently posted…Winter projectsMy Profile

    • Oh no! I know what you mean, I hate when it starts chipping away. I don’t always have polish on though because I feel my nails need to breathe. :) It can be time consuming especially if you want fancy patterns!

  • Aww, this is cute! I love nail art tutorials – cutepolish on YouTube is my favourite to watch
    Chynna recently posted…Why I love the BlogosphereMy Profile

    • She makes lovely nail art ideas! If only I had a nail station to store everything and can paint them all the time easily :P

  • This one I know how to do :p But I did it with a needle.
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…inspiration: headpiecesMy Profile

    • Oh yes a pin with a round top also works well! :D

  • Kay

    Love your blog and love those nails. They’re SO cute!
    Kay recently posted…And we’re back!My Profile

    • Awwh thank you Kay!

  • Ray

    Cute nail design!
    Ray recently posted…Buy It or Deny It: Perricone MD Blue PlasmaMy Profile

  • What a cute idea! Now if only it were as easily done by my left hand than it is by my right hand. Merely painting with my “weaker” hand is a challenge already, after all. xD
    Agent Q recently posted…#firstworldproblemsMy Profile

    • I know what you mean! I have shaky hands too (bad blood circulation) so it’s twice as hard!

  • Love that tutorial so pretty and seems easy to do!

    Much love xxx
    Christina recently posted…One to Watch: 495DMMy Profile

  • Very creative design! I’m really into nail art and design, but surprisingly I’ve never seen anyone do this yet! Great work and you’re totally right when you say it’s simple to do, which is great because I love simple! Definitely trying this one day!
    Merii-Beth recently posted…03 – The PassingMy Profile

    • Really? I would have thought someone would have covered it seeing that its so simple and basic ^^ have fun painting your nails!

  • Awww this is so adorable! I love it :) I might need to try it out when I have a lovely white color for my nails :)
    Melissa recently posted…Catrice eyebrow set reviewMy Profile

  • Aww, these are great! You’ve inspired me to try this when I have the time. ^_^ Very cute and nice choice of colors! <3
    Kate recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile

    • Good Luck Kate!