Chinese New Year Celebrations

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday I went out to Chinatown to see the New Year Celebrations. They had closed off many of the roads so there was more space to walk around in. However, since there was a lot of people Sue and I started to get sandwiched and waddle across the sea of crowds.
We saw people dressed as the zodiac animals!

I didn’t take many photos on my phone during the walking and sightseeing in fear of dropping/losing/getting it stolen. Thee whole of the town was decorated with lanterns and many lions dancers were dancing around. Sue and I were starving for lunch but couldn’t find a place to eat till 3pm. We were also joined by a few other friends of mine who came down to London.
I was starving but managed to eat this before I fainted x.x

We ended up eating at Little Korea which isn’t bad for price and has nice food. They ate always our last resort restaurant since they are usually available to accommodate my big parties. :)
Say haiiii

Despite all the pushing and shoving, Sue and I managed to her two helium balloons -which we also lost in crowds and let the last surviving one free- and I bought a couple of other items including a paper cut out of the word ‘春’ (Chun) Chinese for Spring. It also had a rabbit on it!
My goodies!

After food, we decided to visit Tokyo Toys in Trocodero and the LV, the arcade in SoHo. We played DDR, Pump It Up (my friend Immi has decided to build himself a machine to practice before playing with me again lol) and pool. I also wanted to play Bishi Bashi but some of the guys didn’t have enough money to play :(
Ryan being a hentai...

We missed the fireworks because I was having to much fun xD The guys left after the arcade to go home and so Sue and I headed to Shoryu in Piccadilly for some ramen noodles!

It was a fun day out but I think I would have needed to plan in advance and book tables if I am to visit again on a busy day.
Kawaii Sue-Chan =^.^=

What did you do over the Chinese New Year weekend?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Sue

    Love love! <3 I had an awesome trio weekend with you!! It's been the best so far to begin my 2014 of the year ^^ ThanQoooz ;D xxX

  • Jackie Harrison

    You are celebrating right love the food and the images perfect post. Happy Chinese New Year Doll.

  • Amy

    Wow, looks like you had a great time! The food looks absolutely lovely – making me very hungry right now. And the people dressed up look so cool, I love dressing up.

    I worked over the weekend, so the most exciting thing that happened was the ‘Happy Chinese New Year!’ picture our manager drew on the noticeboard. Other than that it was just folding shirts haha!
    Amy recently posted…The Dead Person That Housekeeping Didn’t Leave BehindMy Profile

  • Joy

    You always look you have so much fun and get so much yummy food! I want your life! lol I really would like to try Ramen. Maybe I’ll convince my husband to take me for a dinner date =)
    Joy recently posted…Craft HappinessMy Profile

    • Ahahaha you can go out for delicious food with your husband too!! I want a food day where I’ll go on an adventure to visit different restaurants and take-aways in London :)

  • Cat

    That’s cool that you guys had a Chinese New Years celebration! I don’t know if there are any big ones like that here. Organizations or restaurants will usually do something smaller here and there. The cut-out in the circle is really pretty!

    Yum, I love ramen noodles. That sounded like a fun day :D I didn’t do much for New Years, but I did go home to have dinner with my parents.
    Cat recently posted…Game recommends – Cooperative duosMy Profile

    • I was going to spend it at home but Sue called me out to Chinatown :)
      Yes I liked that one because I’m the year of the rabbit hehe. There was also one which coloured thread but the frame it came in was too plastic-y and square…

      Ramen noodles are yum!! I think I had Matcha noodles which was interesting but couldn’t taste it…

  • It must have been so incredibly fun (except for the part of being sandwiched xD I wouldn’t like that at all!)
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Challenge accepted!My Profile