Officially a Green Belt

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I’ve been a little behind with updating the blog and replying to comments lately. Still need to work on that!

Just passed!!

Life had been busy in and out of work. We have a good few websites launching, new office to be opening up (business trip soon, yay!) And I’ve also been doing a lot of training for Tae Kwon Do. We had a 6 hour fight camp last Sunday which also included grading (it went on for 3 hours because there were soooo many of us!)

Watching Master Bae teach us the way
Watching Master Bae teach us the way

I’m pleased to tell you that I passed! (Pretty sure you gathered that from the title and/or my instagram.) So now I am a half way to becoming a Black Belt but still have yet to perfect my 360s and also or more power into my kicks… I somehow feel it gets lost or maybe it’s my body telling me “noooo you’ll damage the poor kid” and decided to conserve the power on release… ‘Tis annoying.

The grading session was the longest and everyone was really tired after it. We had to drive for 2 hours to get to the hall in Surrey. So everyone got to bond in the car, playing yellow car and having fun. It was a nice day trip. For those who dont know what grading is, you’re graded on your knowledge of the martial art. You therefore perform certain kicks -on the dlr and also in stances- plus hand techniques. There are also sequences we need to learn called poomsae. It takes time to perfect it all and it for to the point where I practised my poomsae at the bus stop and at work.

After accomplishing this milestone I now need to focus on grading for blue belt which requires 2 new poomsae patterns to learn a whole load of other advanced techniques and much more control. My a is for December (2 gradings away) so if I begin now, I’ll be awesome by Christmas time!

Tae Kwon Do Training
I look scary man…

The white and yellow belts are getting ready for student nationals now so all is seniors (man feels so old) have to help them practice. Wish them all good luck!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Congrats doll I know is not easy to get to each level.

  • Congrats on making it to the green belt! I use to do karate when I was little but stopped at I think purple belt. Sort of wish I didn’t stop going but I’m so happy you made it to green belt :)
    – Sierra Calah ♥ Berry Stylish  

    • Awww thanks Sierra! Why did you stop?

  • Congrats honey :D
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Mixing plaid & tortoiseMy Profile

  • Congrats on your green belt! I remember reading about your other belt not long ago, so soon and you’ve already on the next one :D
    Krystal recently posted…London Cammuter #5 – An empty underground tunnelMy Profile

    • I know!!! Need to have a steady progress and become Black belt!! Scary for me though xD

  • Cat

    Congrats on getting your green belt! Wow, that sounds like a tiring day. 2 hours is a long drive, and 3 hours is a really long time for grading. I’m glad it went well though! Good luck on training for your next test! And good luck to the white and yellow belts on the nationals!
    Cat recently posted…What I’m up toMy Profile

    • Thanks Cat! It was a tiring yet rewarding day! We all loved it ^^
      I shall let you all know the results next week ^^

  • Congrats on this achievement!
    Michelle recently posted…New UmbrellaMy Profile

    • Thank You Michelle!