Review: JRC Buffet

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Nom nom.nom

During the weekend of Chinese New Year, I went to JRC Buffet in Ilford with a couple of friends. The restaurant is very big and has a LOT of different cuisines to offer including Japanese, European, Italian, Thai and so on.
Chef at the Teppanyaki Grill

The food was delicious and not salty at all, unlike some buffet restaurants I’ve been to. However there was a few chicken dishes which had been left out for too long, so it was dry and hard to chew.
Tempura Items

The decor of the entire restaurant is spacious, elegant and modern. It is inside a glass building next to easyGym. So the place is very bright ^^ They also have a chef who will walk around offering you delicious meats similar to Brazilian restaurants. So cool!
A lot of sushi

I would totally recommend this restaurant and if you do visit JRC Buffet, I’d advise you to book to in advance since it will fill up easily in the afternoon. However, your whole party must be at the premises before being seated as a two hour timer will be set for you. So yes, scoff yourselves silly for those solid two hours!
I love desserts

When was the last time you went to a buffet? Was it good?

With Love,
Kekidoll xxx

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  • Jackie Harrison

    You post always make my mouth water with the delicious food I will love to eat great post.

    • Thank you Jackie!!

  • I’d definitely go for the italian food :)
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Older than meMy Profile

    • Italian is always nice! I love pasta ^^

  • Ilford is a bit far from me, but I still want to visit this place! Looks absolutely delicious :D
    Last time I went to a buffet was Cosmo. Have you been? It’s really nice.
    Chynna recently posted…February Highlights 2014My Profile

    • I think they have chains elsewhere. Maybe check online? Yes I know Cosmo! The last one I went to was in Eastbourne, mum and I thought it was very salty. They might have improved it since then; was a while back.

  • I remember going to something like this in Chino Hills or closer. I live in Southern California, and it’s always a fun thing to see and try new restaurants. Although, I will admit that I have been skipping on eating out as it has gotten quite expensive to do so!

    Yeah, I wasn’t at all impressed with their jewelry selection. I was looking around and all I could see was GOLD. I dislike gold jewelry and would prefer SILVER. However, I did see at least one dress I had liked and I’m not sure if that was at J.C.Penny or at Forever 21, but the one dress I did try on kind of reminded me of my Grandmother and that was an automatic NO. Not to be rude towards my deceased Grandmother or anything, but it would be something she would wear. I just wasn’t at all impressed with their latest style of clothing yet a lot of people were in there shopping! I guess I’m not the only one picky about their clothes! I was hoping to see clothes that people wore today not what people wore in the 60’s! I was just to upset about that! Same with their cosmetics and their jewelry. It’s nice to know that I’m not a lone with their clothing selections though.
    Jamie recently posted…New Clothes and MOREMy Profile

  • Joy

    Oh gosh, that buffet looks a lot better than anything I’ve been to here in the states.

    The last time I went to a buffet was on my honeymoon and it was a breakfast buffet and didn’t have much. The food was alright I suppose, just lacking.
    Joy recently posted…Life, Links and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • They do a lot of buffet restaurants in England. Some more stylish than others but usually similar foods :)

      I think it’s the decor that makes people come.

      That’s a shame about the breakfast buffet! All buffets should be exquisite and amazing!