A Weekend of Excitement, Laughter, Shouting and Cheer

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The British Tae Kwon Do Student Nationals happened over the weekend so my team travelled down all the way to Bristol City Academy on a late Friday evening ready to complete in both Poomsae (TKD patterns) and Sparring (fighting).


It was an epic weekend! I was slightly late catching the coach on Friday due to work ;-; but luckily they waited for me. Road trip down was good and had no issues; apart from me having to hold in my desperation for the toilet during our two and a half hour journey. Some played yellow car, we also did a little sight seeing in the coach driving past London tourist attractions ^^


We stayed at Holiday Inn which was surprisingly nice and comfortable. They also had a swimming pool and sauna which most of us took advantage of the next morning.

Team Pose!
Whole Team Posing ^^

There was a LOT of incidents that happened but didn’t ruin the trip. Such as a 3.5 hour delay on Saturday Poomsae competition because they were over run from the ITF sparring competition; everyone seemed confused and wasn’t notified of the delay, I could have gone sight seeing! The poomsae part of the event wasn’t organised very well. The judges rushed everything and never told participants what their score was so how do you expect them to improve?! They also gave students false hope by deliberately making them sit in the waiting area whilst calling names out to come out to perform. If you don’t get called, you didn’t get through but also couldn’t leave the arena until it all ended…
We also had a fire alarm that went off at our hotel at 1am that evening when we really needed sleep >.< The fire brigade had to come and check it out, so I spent a lot of my wait photo bombing people taking photos of the fire engine, mostly from Imperial College hehe; I think the alarm was caused by someone smoking in the room (whhhy?!)

All wrapped up in tin foil :P
All wrapped up in tin foil :P

Sparring was held on Sunday and everyone enjoyed themselves. The whole team was cheering for the competitors, the scene was very lively! Our grand master, Master Bae, came down with his wife and son to root for the team ^^ Many fights gave me a heart attack due to the close score and I believe it was the voices of all those cheering for the competitor that helped our team win matches ^^

Posing by the waterfall
Came across a lovely mini waterfall on our 2 hour trek to the sports center

Despite all the incidents above, everyone had a great time and managed to perform very well in sparring. The team won 2 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronze out of 10 competitors. So we did pretty damn good!


I think I should try to compete in some competition in the future but I’m so scared! What do you think?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    I say go for it and enter some competitions. They could be fun, even if it is competing.

    I always photobomb! It’s my favourite pastime :P I’ve stayed in a Holiday Inn, and yeah have to agree. It was nicer than I expected, haha.
    Chynna recently posted…Is religion confusing for you?My Profile

  • Aww, you should join next time and kick some butts! ;) I think I’d would be fun for you to do :)

    I really love the photos in this post, it sure looks like you had a great time!

    Melissa recently posted…Rimmel London Space DustMy Profile

    • I wasn’t a student so i couldn’t participate. Maybe when we enter a national or international competition I can try but the competition will be harder!

  • Jackie Harrison

    Cool to join and participate.

  • Cat

    That looks like a fun trip! That’s too bad there were several problems with the organization of the competition. I’d be annoyed if I had to wait 3.5 hours and wasn’t notified ahead of time. Congrats to the team though! That’s a lot of medals! I think you should give competing a try :) It sounds like a good experience!
    Cat recently posted…March so farMy Profile

  • That is so awesome!!! I have always wanted to do some kind of martial arts but my parents could never afford it. That’s such a cool experience though! Congrats to your team!! That’s awesome to win so many medals! That was a good day!!
    Shar recently posted…Routine RoutineMy Profile

    • I’ve always wanted to myself! Although I never went ahead and looked for one. My friend started this first and recruited me to join ^^ Have trained ever since. You can always try now ^^ never too late!

  • Looks like a fun trip! What’s your relationship with the team though? I didn’t quite catch that from your post. Congratulations to them and it looks like you had a wonderful experience :D

    It’d be fun to kick butt like them. If only I knew Tae Kwon Do. Hahaha.
    AnneMarie recently posted…United Filipino Club Barrio 2014My Profile

    • I train with the team too but I wasn’t a university student to be able to participate in the competition ^^; You should sign up to learn!