Pottery Painting

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When I went to visit my friend, Bex, in Oxford, she took us girlies to go pottery painting at a nearby pottery house. This was the first time I’ve ever been to these places and I’m surprised how much fun and tranquil the exercise was! We spent a total of 3 hours sitting in the little room painting our pieces to which 30 minutes was me deciding on what colours I wanted and explaining to the lady my idea.

My blank canvas

There was a lot of clay pieces to choose from, from pots to jugs, and dog bowls to plates etc. I wanted to paint a mug for mum for Mothers day and what other than a cute little panda face? So basically, I wanted to have a panda face with a top hat in the corner. Similar to my Kekiko logo.
Inspiration from this bag

However, what I showed her was the image of my panda tote bag which had polka dot ears – I wanted solid colour. This was what confused her and told me that it wasn’t possible to paint the face like that exactly. I even drew her a diagram! However, I guess it was all perfect in my head and my creativity was too advance for her (lol). I ended up simplifying my panda mug painting just so she would understand and my mug had to have a simplistic, minimalist look.
Front side

Inside the mug

Side of the mug

To be honest it sort of worked out in the end and looks cute. We had to leave it there for a week so she could put it in the kiln. Our friend’s mom picked up our pieces and we’ll be collecting them from Lynn next month or so. When I do, I’ll show you guys the final look!

Have you ever painted pottery before? What would you have painted? Ready for Mother’s day yet? ^^

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    I never did painted a pottery it looks like so much fun to do and a cool thing to add to your home. Nice job on your blog looks great.

  • It looks so damn cute! Love the colors :D
    I once did pottery painting, when I was on vacation and it was really fun!

    Bárbara Marques recently posted…Sk8er girl minus the boardMy Profile

  • I honestly loved doing ceramics. I went to this wreck room with people with disabilities – and every Thursday they would have ceramics. You do 3 and you get to pick 1 to take home with you. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I say that your mug came out rather cute! One time I had bought my own little bowl and wrote Misty on it (she’s my cat). However, I think I didn’t do a good job and probably went a little fast on it. I was a bit bummed that it came out the way it did. But ah well – at least I stepped up to painting a dragon and a gnome. I had the dragon but I had given it away to a friend of mine. The Gnome I never got because I was waiting for the leader to fire it up so I can take it when I left to move. That didn’t happen either. I hope someone likes my Gnome lol.

    RE: As far as books goes – I highly recommend Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, Full Dark No Stars, and Under The Dome as far as Fiction goes. For Science material — I recommend SPOOK by Mary Roach. Pretty good book even though she’s reporting Science. Another good Science book is called “The Secret World Of Sleep”. It teaches you all about sleep and the 4 stages of it. :). If you’re into R.L.Stine I suggest his newest book “Red Rain” it will kind of shock you because it’s geared toward the Adult Audience. Also another book I recommend is A mid summer night’s scream by him as well :). I’ve played with a nook over at Barnes And Noble, and I’ve held it too. If they would work out the bugs and kinks from their books — I would cough up the money to get one. Until that happens I’m perfectly happy with just holding a book :).
    Jamie recently posted…Ode To BooksMy Profile

  • Cat

    Aww, that’s such a cute mug! I like the colors and design :) I hope your mom likes it! The only time I did something like this was for a friend’s birthday. We got to choose from ceramic figures, so I painted a dragon one :)
    Cat recently posted…How I decide on cosplaysMy Profile

    • Thank You Cat! I hope the finished item looks awesome :D

      A dragon would be so hard to paint with all the details on it! I do like paining on Kidrobot vinyl toys though :P

  • It came out cute! I remember for art class that I made a pot of some sorts, my mother still has it. <3
    Michelle recently posted…Perpetual HopeMy Profile

    • Aww that’s cute! I think mum still has this mouse/rate clay model I made for her :D However the tail broke because I made it too thin :(