Review: Shoyru

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Shoyru is another ‘no book’ restaurants to add to your to go to list. It’s a fairly small ramen restaurant where everyone will sit next to you within elbows reach, yes it’s that close.


It has a Hong Kong 大排擋 feel to it. Since I can literally hear everyone conversation. I ended up talking in Chinese to my friend Sue just so we had a little privacy and didn’t have to bore anyone with our conversation, lol.
Everyone sits so close

I ordered green tea ramen which was surprisingly different and was actually the texture of soba noodles rather than ramen. The noodles had a springy feel when you chew into it but I couldn’t really taste the green tea flavour in them. The soup broth was miso based so that was nice and had the authentic taste.
Smoked Salmon Hot & Cold Ramen

Sue ordered a special hot and cold dish where the ingredients came separately to the soup base. The flavour of the smoked salmon was so extreme, it was almost like eating bacon. Very very tasty although I provably would have dumped everything in the bowl since I prefer hot food. Although it is different when you eat it cold.
Nom nom

The food was good and the atmosphere loud and bustling. All the waiters and waitresses will get you when you arrive and when you leave, just like they do on Japan. It’s a really good experience if you want to fell like you’re in Japan for an hour or two. The price isn’t too steep but is more then average. Sure and I spent about £15 each without drinks.

What cuisine or restaurant should I try next?

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Man, I’d feel so uncomfortable in a restaraunt where everything is that cramped. But that being said, that idea does seem very ‘Japanese’ to me, so maybe it’s just part of the experience. Either way, I’m glad you ended up enjoying the food!
    Jess recently posted…Art Dump 05My Profile

    • Well it was weird at first but I soon go used to it since it’s a common thing to be sharing a table with strangers in Hong Kong.

      My friend wants to visit again! :D

  • Why don’t you take me with you? I want to try it out as well! It looks like a nice place :)
    Melissa recently posted…Surimi with cocktail sauce and mango saladMy Profile

  • Kya

    Mmmmm that food looks so delicious! It’s really cool that it has captured the atmosphere. I would find it odd being so close to other people like that, but then I am from a small town. xD
    Kya recently posted…27 Years TodayMy Profile

  • I wouldn’t mind going to a place like this where people sit relatively close to each other, provided strangers aren’t sketchy or belligerent. The food looks delicious too. Good food + cozy feel = great place. It also gives me an excuse to actually sit closer to my friends. :D Nope, I wouldn’t mind this at all!
    Agent Q recently posted…Legitimate ReadingMy Profile

  • That sounds like an incredible ramen place! I’ve only had ramen in a restaurant once and it wasn’t very good so I hope to find some better restaurants here in Seattle. Where is this restaurant located by the way? I want to put it on my foodie bucket list.
    AnneMarie recently posted…Your Typical Seattle Family ManMy Profile

    • Hi AnneMarie!

      Thanks for stopping by! I do hope you can find a lovely ramen place :D

      This one is located in London Picadilly Circus. I’m unsure if they have other branches yet.

      Keki xxx

  • I don’t think that you’d work for me. I need my comfort space :p
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…PendantMy Profile

  • The food looks so good! The general atmosphere reminds me a lot of this little ramen place I used to go to in Manila. It was also pretty cramped, but my friend and I would sit by the bar so we can be close to the wait staff. Some people complained about the crampedness which I thought was part of the experience, so I was like dang then why are you here? -.-

    • I’m not a big fan of sitting by the bar because I feel like I’m being watched how I eat food by the staff members (lol).

      I don’t understand why people pick cramped restuarnts and then complain either! Maybe they didn’t know or just liked the food?