A Surprise Engagement Party

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No, not mine. My friend who I visited on my trio to Hong Kong. It was a wonderful evening and everyone had lots of fun.

Will you marry me?

Her boyfriend, now fiancé, had planned this event months before and gathered the help if family and friends to make this evening possible. We all had recorded videos of ourselves congratulating them and telling her how much we loved her etc. He had edited this into a sort of movie trailer which she was supposed to watch before all us friends entered the restaurant bar.
Helping prepare all the balloons whilst my friend watches the video

Before all the shenanigans, a large group of use were in the park out the back blowing up helium balloons. It was a wonderful site and so many people thought we were filming something or selling balloons until they realised what the balloons said. Hehehe. Us girlies ended up taking so many photos with the flowers, balloons and massive Stitch plush :D
It was like a photoshoot in the park

I was the second to last to enter and had the Stitch toy to cover my face so when I appeared, my friend was so shocked since I told her I was too busy to come out to see her (which was true but we happened to have Saturday free ^^). Anyway, Ryan’s (her then boyfriend) sister comes in holding this giant ring saying that it was hers which made us all laugh.
The ridiculous ring

Then he walks in all nervous like and starts his speech, gets down on one knee and pops the questions. My friend, Lizzy, was lost for words and just nods. Then the aunties and uncles start going, “nonono! You have to say it!” I lawled. It was a happy moment and I’m glad that she has found a wonderful guy to spend the rest of her life with.
Such a cute couple!

The rest of the evening was spent eating, chatting and drinking. I can’t wait for the wedding!! So excited!

With Love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • It looks like you had a great time!

    Much love xxx
    Christina recently posted…Day 4 London Fashion Week AW 14 OutfitMy Profile

  • Cat

    Aww, that’s adorable! The giant ring is funny though, haha. What a sweet guy to have all of this planned out! That’s great that they were able to share this moment with family and friends :D Congrats to them!
    Cat recently posted…Favorite dishes, part 1My Profile

  • Ooooh that’s adorable! I really like it how he planned everything out :) I love the giant ring too, it’s funny XD Love the pictures :)

    Congratulations to them! :)

    Melissa recently posted…Smoothie Cranberry & RaspberryMy Profile

  • Aw, that’s so cute.

    If I’m ever in a relationship that leads to an engagement I want it to be a surprise. It’s suppose to be a surprise.

    A couple friends of mine do nothing except talk about getting engaged in June and already having the ring picked out…I just think it won’t be as special for them because there’s no surprise or anything.
    Christa recently posted…Make Your Entrance LongMy Profile