Working in Hong Kong

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As you may know from a previous post, I’ve been working abroad. Myself and two other colleagues were sent to Dubai to visit the new office and other colleagues there, then jetted off to the city of Hong Kong.

Harbour view at night

We were there for a total of 12 days and most of the trip was spent planning where to eat next. The food in Hong Kong is amazing! Much better than in UK, I miss it already! I’ve been posting most on Instagram already but if you missed it…
A selection of food we sampled in Hong Kong

I worked on projects from the UK as well as new projects for our Asia launch. Our company is planning to expand internationally which is really exciting, so the three of us were working our asses off 12-15 hours every day (mad I know, but the work ethic over there is really outstanding. People will work long hours to get things done and sometimes ahead of schedule). New websites and campaigns were created and launched which took us 3 days to do. I realises that I was able to achieve a lot more than I normally would once I put my head down to it.
The CoCoon office

We worked from an adhoc desk rental space called CoCoon. It’s a really bright and friendly office space to be working from. Everyone was really nice and there were so many startups building their business it was a real eye opener. They hold a lot of events there like pitches form new startups to talk about their business and win investors. It was really interesting! (Maybe I’ll write about it in another post) We also participated in an internship event where startup companies interviewed a group if Hong Kong University students to hire some for the spring term to help them out for 4 weeks. We ended up hiring 3 to help us out with search campaigns and to teach them statistics.
Last dinner outing, unfortunately Diane couldn't make it

On our weekend, the boss took us hiking up Dragons Back (yes even on our time off we had a ‘family day’ outing Lol!) All the way to Big Mouth Bay. It was a two hour hike which I actually enjoyed. The fresh air felt refreshing and woke us all up. The weather was pleasant and not scorching hot to the point I felt dehydrated. So it was a lovely day trip which ended with a nice Vietnamese meal in Stanley, and then back to the hotel for a meeting to plan our week ahead.
At the top of Dragon's Back

We arrived at the beach!

I was exhausted by the end of it and was so glad to see my own bed when I set foot in the house. I didn’t unpack till a couple days later Lol. We didn’t have much time to go shopping so I only managed to buy a few new skirts but a lot of masks and some make up from SaSa.
Korean BBQ Meal

When I got back I felt like I was about to collapse. I had never slept so much in such a short period of time! So glad to be home. ^^

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    The food looks delicious the place awesome the pictures amazing impressive Keki.

  • I’m so curious…What flavour is that grey ice cream?:p
    Bárbara Marques recently posted…LET’S BE HONEST?My Profile

    • It’s Black Sesame Ice-Cream!

  • I wish my job also allowed me to travel. I love traveling and I only got an opportunity to do so last year, it was withing my country though (South Africa) but I enjoyed it as I got to see different states that I’ve never been to.

    • I love travelling too! It’s wonderful to see new places and sights you’ve never been to but I suppose a working holiday isn’t the same. :)

  • That sounds like such an amazing opportunity and yes! the food looks delicious.
    I really enjoy your blog so I’m following you Facebook and google+
    Can’t wait to see more of your adventures!


    • Thanks sweetie! ^^

  • Cat

    Yum, the food looks good! That sounds tiring to work so many hours in a day, but it sounds like a good experience overall :) That’s cool that you guys ended up hiring interns at the event. It’s a good experience for them and it’s extra help for you!

    That’s nice of your boss to take you hiking too. The view looks nice!
    Cat recently posted…Favorite dishes, part 1My Profile

  • I’m glad you had so much fun! That hiking trip sounds like it would have been fun! I can’t wait to find a spot to go hiking on a vacation and just hike as far as I can. :) Never been hiking but sounds like fun!

    That is a lot of hours to work in a day but it pays off once the paycheck comes in. ;) I’ve had to work that many hours in a day for a whole month and a half (almost two months) straight with only one other person. It was fun though. Even though I’m no longer working there that guy and I are still friends we talk and stuff. :)

    The food there looks interesting, I’m not from the UK or anywhere on that side of the world so it looks different to me than dishes usually do. Not bad though. I’d have to try it.
    Erin Nicole recently posted…Issues with my Samsung Galaxy S4My Profile

    • I enjoyed the hike. It’s a great exercise and brings you to nature. Nice to be away from the computer screen sometimes :)

      Yes it was a lot of hours which I wasn’t used to ^^;; Unfortunately we weren’t getting paid overtime so what I got out of it was a sense of achievement and a pat on my back xD

      I miss the food already. Food in UK cannot compare, plus there are so many yummy dessert houses over there >.<

  • The food looks amazing! Would love to go to Hong Kong. I’ve been to China but I didn’t get to visit HK because it was this whole long thing to get visas, etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit!
    Chynna recently posted…Follow Your Passion and Your Dreams Will Chase You DownMy Profile