Easter Joyfulness [Competition at End!]

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Party Shinanigans

Easter was a while back and for the long weekend my friends and I had a karaoke party in Chinatown. We went to China City and was singing for a good 5 hours till they shut we couldn’t anymore.


We sung, we laughed, we raved and some of us got drunk – very drunk. I ended up taking 5 friends home to my small shared house as some of the guys were helping me with our drunk friends, plus they couldn’t get home. I always feel bad for leaving people stranded, plus Mc Donald’s had closed down now so there wasn’t a shelter to stay under till the first train home. Gotta let them sleep round right? Luckily my old housemate moved out so we had a spare room and bed to fit everyone in :)


It was a very good night and due to that I ended going karaoke again but to Karaoke Box in Soho. Karaoke Box is very swish and much nicer. However their song selection mostly consists of English charts and it’s all instrumental. Ergo, if you’re not an amazing singer you may hate hearing your voice. China City on the other hand has MVs that play with the choice of having the original singer singing along so it’s like an aid if you’re ‘tone deaf’ like myself hahaha.


My Duty as a Citizen
I was also on Jury Service for 2 weeks over Easter. I had to take time off work and do my duty as a UK citizen. It was an interesting experience but not as exciting as everyone made it out to be. All my friends seemed to be jealous of me and wondered why they weren’t picked. *le shrug*

I found sitting in the jury box can be a long and boring process because you are literally sitting there for a whole day listening to the same story repeated over and over by different people from their point of view.

If you ever get picked to do jury service, always bring something to keep you occupied like a book or a tablet with films on it. At the beginning you will be sitting for hours on end and if your name doesn’t get called, you’ll be waiting for some time longer. You must also be very open as you could be sitting on any case, it doesn’t go as smoothly as the shows on TV as there are always hiccups or things (matters of the law) that arise which can postpone trials. You’re also basically locked in a room with your fellow jurors when you’re not in court so remember to bring food and lots of snacks too to keep your energized and replenished throughout the day!

The duty is also a lot of responsibility as it’s up to you to find out if you believe the defendant is guilty or not guilty based on the evidence given. I ended being on 2 and a half trials. The last one took us 4 hours to decide on a verdict since we couldn’t all come to a unanimous decision. >.< I think it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my life as it isn’t as simple as they make it in films/dramas.

Competition Announcement
To celebrate Easter my shop, Kekiko, is holding a small giveaway for a cute mini Molang bunny! Just guess how many mini eggs were used in the photo below! (Hint: There are 3 layers)

For more details on how to win just check out the top post on my Facebook page linked below! Go join now!

Entries: www.fb.com/kekiko
End Date: 10th May 2014


Good Luck!
– Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    I love karaoke is so much fun you all look like you had a blast without no fear Keki you know how to have fun love it.

  • Looks like you were having tons of fun! :)
    Isabelle from http://thefashionnewbieandco.blogspot.nl/
    Isabelle Ottes recently posted…What Divergent Taught me Fashion WiseMy Profile

  • Oh it sounds like so much fun! I’m glad that you all had a great time :)

    Melissa recently posted…Sally Hansen nailpolishes @ actionMy Profile

  • Your photos of karaoke makes me so envious! I used to sing almost every weekend but now hardly ever. I’m glad o see that it is still being enjoyed greatly!
    Wow, Jury Service! First time I heard someone’s adventure behind the behnch. It doesn’t sound like the trial is anything exciting like what the movies show, or the show Suits haha
    Hope Jury Service isn’t too much longer, and that it gets interesting or it’s an experience to take away :)

    • Hehehe We want to make it a weekly or monthly event! Although it would have to be on Singstar to keep costs low :)

      It wasn’t as interesting and fun to watch like in Suits ahahaha It was a lot of lawyers speaking slowly and you trying to understand their speech. (I felt it was almost like slowmo). I’ve completed it now and have returned back to work. My last trial wasn’t something you’d want to be sitting on; kinda horrible to know that these stories do happen :(

  • It looks like you had an amzing time! I love those personal posts, really helps the readers get to know you better!

    Much love xxx
    Christina recently posted…AW14 London Fashion Week ExhibitionsMy Profile

  • What an eventful post! I love karaoke-ing with my friends because it’s fun seeing each other acting silly/serious. Of course, nobody drinks because we all have to drive home. I assume you guys utilize the public transportation, which in away protects you from the consequences of intoxication? At least there’s no DUI charges. xD Either way, glad your friends rested well enough. Sometimes it’s good to just relax, unwind, and sing away! :)

    Interesting take on jury duty. Seems like the selection process follows a similar protocol to that in the US. Of course, people can easily find a way to get out of jury duty by incorrectly answering loaded questions that might preemptively affect the final verdict. I’ve never been called to serve yet, of course, so I don’t know the exact detail. :/
    Agent Q recently posted…Guilty As ChargedMy Profile

  • It looks like you had your share of fun for Easter! It’s nice of you to take your friends home for the night since they were drunk and everything. At least they were safe with you :). Hope everyone had fun partying and singing that night!

    You were on jury duty for 2 weeks?! That’s a long time! For some reason, everyone here in the US dreads being in jury duty to the point where they don’t register to vote (even though in reality, people are picked through the motor services department- so if they have a license or ID, tough luck!). You definitely need to be open minded when you’re serving as a jury. Sometimes, the people being prosecuted can be actually not guilty but the jurors with the wrong mindset can rule them guilty either way +___+.

    Good luck with your giveaway :)

  • Cat

    5 hours is a lot of time for karaoke! That looks like a fun time though :) That was also nice of you to take some friends home so they weren’t stranded!

    Wow, 2 weeks is a long time for jury duty. I’ve been asked to show up once, but I wasn’t actually picked for any of the trials. My friend had to be in jury duty once, and she said the same thing about how long and boring it was.

    That’s a cute idea for a giveaway!
    Cat recently posted…What I’m up to, part 2My Profile