Review: Dai Viet – Vietnamese Restaurant

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My friend took us to dine at Dai Viet, a Vietnamese Restaurant that was local to him. It is situated in Wanstead and is only a 3 minute walk from the tube station. There is a carpark behind the restaurant but it is 24-hours which was slightly annoying since diners would like to have free parking if they’re going to be patrons of local shops.

The exterior of the restaurant was very grand. It had a very Asian feel and had the authentic rooftop.
Inside you are greeted by a laughing Buddha and a makanineko. The whole interior decoration is based around Vietnamese culture with a hint of Chinese decor. There is also a mini bridge that linksĀ  the waiting area to the restaurant, with a pond underneath; similar to ones in Chinese gardens. There were lanterns dotted about and concertina screens as well.

The tables were wooden and reminded me of those you see in “hak jan” from those ancient Chinese dramas. The seats were comfy and each round table came with a small spinning glass turntable in the centre so you can move dishes closer to you.

The service was good. Waiters would greet you and they took orders pretty quickly. We made their lives easier by writing down the dish numbers for them.

The food came out very quickly as well and was served as soon as it was ready. None of this ‘wait for everything ordered to be cooked before you serve it’ bs I get in English or Italian restaurants. Hungry customers want their stomachs satisfied immediately!

The food here was amazing. The lobster was cooked just right with the yolks of duck eggs, giving it a slight salty flavour. We also ordered cat fish which was pan fried at the table on a small stove and then garnished with herbs. It also came with noodles with a fish paste that you only need to dip slightly, else the sauce will be too overpowering.

The presentation of the food was exquisite, our pineapple rice came in an actual pineapple shell! It was so cute and very tasty. The shell helps seal the flavours into each grain of rice. We also had a small baby quail which was a little on the salty side but delicious none the less. It was the case of chewing the bones though since baby quails don’t have much meat on them. The chicken was absolutely delicious, it was tender, juicy and succulent. Loved it. We also had some other seafood and vegetable dishes but these above really stood out to me.

Dai Viet really surpassed my expectations, I loved the decor and it was a lovely restaurant to be in with friends after a long day out :) The restaurant is suitable for parties, banquets, weddings or just for a simple night out with the family, friends or your other half. The food is delicious and the staff are very friendly. I would really recommended to eat here! Can’t wait to return.


Have you been to a new restaurant that surprised your expectations lately?

With love,
Kekidoll xoxo

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  • Jackie Harrison

    Cool images the food looks great.

  • My mouth is water right now – the food looks so great! I wish he had something like this around here that was local. We have a few great chinese take-out places, but nothing really nice for a sit-down dinner that aren’t super hokey and cheap.

    Is that really ice-cream? It’s so cool looking! Or are some of those pastries as well?

    On the contrary, me and my fiance just went to a barbeque restaurant that has all kinds of hype in Kansas City. We were thinking it was going to be amazing because that’s what everyone said. When we got there though, the restaurant was kind of dirty, service was poor, and the food kind of sucked. Really disappointed. We’ll just stick to our regular bbq joint. :)
    Becca recently posted…Spring 2014 Semester ReviewMy Profile

    • Awww thats not good.

      All of it was ice-cream! They had nice flavours and cool looking containers :D

      Oh no! That’s such a shame to hear! A restaurant shouldn’t be dirty at all since people are consuming food. I know I wouldn’t want to eat in a dirty restaurant with germs flying about. Yeah I would do the same and stick to a place I know if good :)

  • The place was amazing and I loved the decoration! I love it when restaurants make it feel like you’re actually there in that country!

    I want to go back for the ice cream!
    Krystal recently posted…Bone Daddies: Japanese Ramen bar in SohoMy Profile

    • We should deffo return!!

  • Kya

    That is so wonderful that it was a really great time and the food was so good. My stomach is actually rumbling now.
    Kya recently posted…ErnieMy Profile

  • Amy

    Wow, that place looks so lovely inside! And the food looks great too. Glad you had a great time.

    I hate waiting for food in restaurants. Especially when it takes an hour or so – can be so annoying. It’d good that they brought you yours pretty quickly.

    I haven’t been anywhere new lately. I usually just end up in Nando’s or Bella Italia or Frankie and Benny’s (I’m so boring haha).

    Amy recently posted…Why My University Experience Was Like Surprise Brown BreadMy Profile

    • The interior is really nice. I have to agree, when you’ve ordered food you kinda want it to come asap because you’re basically starving then ahahaha.

      Awww you should spice it up and go try different restaurants with friends! Xx