Paintballing near Upminister

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My TKD team organised an outing with the group to go paintballing in Upminster. We went for a whole day which lasted from 9am till 4:30pm. The place is set in a secluded area with lots of arenas separated by walls of trees and forest.

There were 7 games to play but I only went for 5 since I was happy when I managed to hit someone and also be shot a few times; it means I have proof I’ve got stuck into the war zone. The game modes were all different every time and on different maps, we played (in no particular order):

Protect the VIP
One team member wears a fluorescent jacket and acts as the President. S/he needs to get on the bus on the opposite side to the map to win the game. The whole team needs to move and kill the enemy and safely get the President on the bus.
A fun map but as the enemy team is simply aiming for the president, all who surrounds him will be continuously shot.

Capture the Flag
One team protects the castle and the other needs to infiltrate from outside to get to the flag and capture it by pulling the ropes till the flag is at the top.
This map was easier to manoeuvre in due to well placed wooden screens. The enemy team needs to stay inside the castle whilst the other team infiltrate the base so as long as you’re crawling or crouching and run really fast you van dodge bullets.

One team is given an explosive which they have to successful plant and detonate in the enemy area.
I didn’t play this map but apparently one team tried to strap the C4 onto his body and charge to the detonation zone. However he was shot in the chest too many a time and failed. My friend on the other team just legged it to the detonation zone and slammed it down like in Rugby (or American Football) and won them the game.

Capture the Huts
5 huts are dotted on the map, one being in the middle. Whoever captures the hut and is inside it wins the game.
I couldn’t do much in this mode since I was stuck on the tower shooting people which I couldn’t clearly see due to cloudy googles. When I was on the opposite side, I was stuck behind a board and My paintballs fell out the canister QQ.

Eliminate the enemy team using the obstacles as cover.
Everyone was hiding behind blocks or pyramids. Since most cover was taken it was hard to move to the other side and wipe out the enemy. Someone did run through the middle pyramid and shoot two guys at point blank range which caused a massive bruise on their arms… Talk about lethal!

Hunger Games
Similar to the movie, it’s every man for himself and the last man standing wins.
I sat out for this one since I didn’t want people following me and pelting me with bullets…

Each map was fun but did get very muddy from the rain in the early morning but it did end up sunny in the afternoon. So it was starting to get very hot in our overalls and our masks kept fogging up >.< I also have no idea why they decided it was a good idea to go a week before our TKD grading exam, but nether the less it was good fun. Would you ever go paintballing? With love, Kekidoll xoxo

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  • My husband and his friends go paintballing. He keeps asking me to join in but I am so scared of getting shot at. I bruise easily lol I am scared of getting welts ;o; does it hurt?
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